How Sephiroth Got In Smash 🗡️

Dec 19, 2020
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My boy.. Look how they massacred my boy..

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Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel (Sega Genesis Extended Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
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  • Poor Geno, He deserved to be in smash

    Ivan CaffaroIvan Caffaro4 hours ago
  • But he already got stabbed I think a gun is just over kill man.😟

    Gadiel ParedesGadiel Paredes17 hours ago
  • geno

    Elijah ValletteElijah Vallette18 hours ago
  • lol sephiroth

    Elijah ValletteElijah Vallette18 hours ago
  • pretty much what happend

    dan pandadan panda19 hours ago
  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    Noah HarrisonNoah Harrison20 hours ago
  • What ever happened to waluigi?

    Alexzander SimpsonAlexzander Simpson20 hours ago
  • Love the roblox soundtrack

    bob awesomebob awesome20 hours ago
  • Kill me please I can’t watch this

    oddtrovertoddtrovert22 hours ago
  • Everyone should not be here.

    Cubed / Loser9000Cubed / Loser9000Day ago
  • Seems legit...

    ian gomezian gomezDay ago
  • G U N oop forgot reply

    noob6464noobynoob6464noobyDay ago
  • 0:05 that's a reference to the scene where he kills this women in FF7.

    leila rouzikhahleila rouzikhahDay ago
  • Everyone wants Geno and I’m just sitting here wanting more Metroid characters for Smash. 👁👄👁

    Marney OlsonMarney OlsonDay ago
  • Good

    Luis DorantesLuis DorantesDay ago
  • So who came here from zubatman

    Bianca BrooksBianca BrooksDay ago
  • Who cares about Geno

    Birdygamer StudiosBirdygamer StudiosDay ago
  • Oh geno stupid sephiroht>:(

    Daniela María Paz Mazó RamírezDaniela María Paz Mazó Ramírez2 days ago
  • Steve joint the smash too (From Minecraft)

    Sławek WoodSławek Wood2 days ago
  • I know deep down, somehow, in some way, that somewhere in the world, Cloud is upset about this.

    acewt timeracewt timer2 days ago
  • sad

    Zack SlabachZack Slabach2 days ago
  • Nintendo: *YES*

    Hangal BaltHangal Balt2 days ago
  • Yeah we don't need Geno we only need Sword Fighters

    Joseph SprouleJoseph Sproule2 days ago
  • Do bugsnacks kinda bug kinda snack

    Azryel JensenAzryel Jensen2 days ago
  • Buena animación

    Gael ZavalaGael Zavala3 days ago
  • He was never gonna get in anyways lol.

    McGoldenbladeMcGoldenblade3 days ago
  • Jaja pobre Geno xD

    Kyose GamerKyose Gamer3 days ago
  • At least the wood on the costume is high quality.

    Maleb ContesMaleb Contes3 days ago
  • Ha dont know who got killed but still it was nice to see some stupid blue creature get killed

    Papyrus WingdingPapyrus Wingding3 days ago
  • Geno: Oh what’s this Oh Yes A Sma- Sephiroth: *Hippity Hoppity, Your Invite Is Now My Property*

    Angel ZosaAngel Zosa3 days ago

    Bader AlshattiBader Alshatti3 days ago
  • Rip geno, our very special boy that we will never forget but Nintendo will

    Tristan ClarkeTristan Clarke3 days ago
  • so sorry...for your loss dude...

    Owen NelsonOwen Nelson3 days ago
  • Geno: (gets letter for smash) Sephiroth: *Hippity hoppity it's now my property*

    ObDiamondObDiamond3 days ago
  • Sephiroth had to skinned geno and kill mario to get into smash

    Crossover FraternityCrossover Fraternity3 days ago
  • Terminal : My BoY Me : I want geno in to-

    Andrew GamingAndrew Gaming3 days ago
  • R. I. P. Geno. You will be forever remembered, as a lame mii costume outclassed by sans. A moment of quiet please...

    Max ChildsMax Childs3 days ago
  • Down aerith

    KirboKirbo4 days ago
  • Gino doesn't need a smash

    とたけけとたけけ4 days ago
  • *Does ritual to resurrect Geno* Me: There you go, Terminal. Me: Now if you excuse me, I have a soul to get back. *Jumps into the portal to heck*

    Ethan LindseyEthan Lindsey4 days ago
  • I wasnt exited about sephiroth

    Oscar PlayzOscar Playz4 days ago
  • this is pain for everyone, but terminal had to do this pain

    Choi Hay tingChoi Hay ting4 days ago
  • The really sad thing is that Terminal had to animate Geno's death that is true pain

    Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario4 days ago
  • Imagined if he killed waluigi, turned him into a assist trophy. And now he killed geno and turned him into a mii costume. Now thats scary.

    Ice BergIce Berg4 days ago
  • Hey Terminal montage, I was wondering if I could use some of your videos in a meme im thinking of making, I'm just asking because in the beginning of your videos you say to not re-upload your videos. I would be happy to put a link in one of your videos to show you what I the video would be once I'm finished.

    The Fried ChickenThe Fried Chicken4 days ago
  • I’m glad sephiroth got in instead of whoever geno is

    RidleyRidley4 days ago
  • For his neutral special... G U N

    PowerBit64.PowerBit64.5 days ago
  • Welp time to main wooden sans

    Turkey TurkeyTurkey Turkey5 days ago
  • I like that geno turned in to a mii costume but i just want the world burn

    Solute Services Housekeeping Recuitment ServiceSolute Services Housekeeping Recuitment Service5 days ago
  • Like Sephiroth once said "I will never be a memory" So he came back in smash because he thought we forgot about him

    JollyJolly5 days ago
  • now my boy

    N H MN H M5 days ago
  • His chin is more pointy than his swordd

    not chrisnot chris5 days ago
  • Geno: **Dies** Me: “Why are we still here? Just to suffer.”

    Connor BriorConnor Brior5 days ago
    • @Nando The Mad Okay

      Connor BriorConnor Brior4 days ago
    • @Connor Brior I know.

      Nando The MadNando The Mad4 days ago
    • @Nando The Mad Yes, I know, that’s where I got that quote.

      Connor BriorConnor Brior5 days ago
    • That was Wolf in Brawl, when Ice Climbers were killed and Pichu wasn't added.

      Nando The MadNando The Mad5 days ago

    Keith KortumKeith Kortum5 days ago
  • For his neutral special, he wields a gun.

    sammy plittsammy plitt5 days ago
  • Geno: Finally! After all these years, I can finally enter smash! Sephiroth: Sorry pal. I need this more than you. Besides, your way better as a mii costume! Waluigi who's been waiting for 21 years: Am I a joke to you?

    Xander SchuettXander Schuett5 days ago
  • And then, along came Sephiroth. He slash this mighty sword!

    TheRencer 2OTheRencer 2O5 days ago
  • massacred geno suit how massacred geno? oh no its sephirot

    Gabriel VergaraGabriel Vergara5 days ago
  • How should I feel mad It's that geno is in smash Seripoth in smash Or that seripoth killed geno and Took the invitation

    Nameless CrackNameless Crack5 days ago
  • Terminal outage are you okay after they did your boy like that

    Richard CottonRichard Cotton5 days ago
  • One winged angel, more like 1 winged satan

    NS 8098 ProductionsNS 8098 Productions5 days ago
  • I mean like who asked for sephroth or what ever his name is

    SerGaming213SerGaming2135 days ago
  • Geno: causally strolling, finding a letter on the ground meant for him Sephiroth: YES

    black cat banonzaiblack cat banonzai5 days ago
  • Aw come on I thought geno was in smash for sure if he was this video will be deleted and everyone would enjoy him more.

    Oliver GarrettOliver Garrett5 days ago
  • The one winged angel huh

    Jabari PorterJabari Porter5 days ago
  • 0:06 - 0:11 Spys in Tf2 be like

    Diamond LordDiamond Lord5 days ago
  • Honestly watching this makes me feel sooo bad for Terminal

    Greg MahorneyGreg Mahorney5 days ago
  • poyo poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo5 days ago
  • Geno: **Gets the SSB Invitation card** Sephiroth: And i took that personally

  • No Jeremy, it’s fine he can still get in In Mii costumes there’s a Waluigi Ca...

    McLovinMcLovin6 days ago
  • All I can say is, don't blame Sakurai about him being a Mii fighter - blame Miyamoto. And the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

    Nando The MadNando The Mad6 days ago
  • "For his neutral special he wields a gun"

    Consumer of CheetosConsumer of Cheetos6 days ago
  • I've already set the funeral arrangements in advance, the world shall mourn

    Christian PriceChristian Price6 days ago
  • Why cant yall be grateful Geno is a Mii Costume?

    FluffymacFluffymac6 days ago
  • Never massacre his boy

    Ricardo MedinaRicardo Medina6 days ago
  • At least his outfit got in.. but this leaves a big hole in my heart.

    Ricardo MedinaRicardo Medina6 days ago
  • Oh boy terminals boy, geno got the aerith

    Jackle TheBoiJackle TheBoi6 days ago
  • 0:15 me looking at how bad and stale smg4 is nowadays

    Armando GonzalezArmando Gonzalez6 days ago
    • Wow 2 likes new record thanks

      Armando GonzalezArmando GonzalezDay ago
  • Sakurai: I’m not even sorry! 🤣

    Mr. LMr. L6 days ago
  • 0:06 i was totally expecting this, but you still somehow made it surprising. keep up the good work!

    batman jbatman j6 days ago
  • F

    DanielDaniel6 days ago
  • I like all of the episodes of terminalmontage they're so hilarious even kirbo

    sock puppetsock puppet6 days ago
  • I'm new to Terminal and I just discovered how passionate he was to get Geno included and seeing that Mii must have been depression with a rage chaser.

    RotaVitaeRotaVitae6 days ago
  • Frist parana plant and now sephiroth geno cant win

    fish chipsfish chips6 days ago
  • Geno

    Juan RocuantJuan Rocuant6 days ago
  • Geo

    Juan RocuantJuan Rocuant6 days ago
  • So that is how Geno from Super Mario RPG did not make it to smash bros 😅

    Twisted PearlTwisted Pearl6 days ago
  • Can we just get an f for geno ✋😔

    Meagan EarleyMeagan Earley7 days ago
    • F

      Meagan EarleyMeagan Earley7 days ago
  • Pls an you do Mario oddysey animated?

    Vu Hoang NguyenVu Hoang Nguyen7 days ago
  • geno should be next

    Aydin TorresAydin Torres7 days ago
  • I wonder how many tears it took for TerminalMontage to create this video? x'3

    Soge 01Soge 017 days ago
  • do a somening about of mario rpg: the legend of seven stars, it would be cool

    Lucas MatiasLucas Matias7 days ago
  • Sephiroth vs Kirbo

    MzosquareMzosquare7 days ago
  • Watching Geno getting stabbed at 0.25x speed was very satisfying.

    Joe SchmoeJoe Schmoe7 days ago
  • I won’t forgive you Sephiroth!

    Ivan PetrovIvan Petrov7 days ago
  • >:)

    CS 13CS 137 days ago
  • The prequel be like: Sephiroth: hey joker can I borrow your gun? Joker: ummm ok? Sephiroth: thx After geno died Joker: *realization* This my fault.....

    E ChoiE Choi7 days ago
  • Why do they gotta do geno like that? Both him and waluigi need a whole lot more respect from Nintendo

    Epic GEpic G7 days ago
  • Lol the truth hurts

    Games For CykitsGames For Cykits7 days ago
  • This is so accurate

    Dark NexusDark Nexus7 days ago