How Sephiroth Got In Smash 🗡️

Dec 19, 2020
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My boy.. Look how they massacred my boy..

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  • What’s criminally underrated here is the lack of subs to TheLegendofRenegade’s channel

    Dan TerleDan Terle2 months ago
    • @JB UNO but you BELIEVED in your heart of hearts :D

      Dan TerleDan Terle24 days ago
    • @Ethan Winfield Damn I wanted to say that

      JB UNOJB UNO25 days ago
    • @Emishimaru - Sama Bro, I listened to that song for the first time just now, OMG it has no business slapping as hard as it does! I would never have known about it if you hadn't mentioned anything, thank you.

      Dan TerleDan TerleMonth ago
    • @Motivational Lizard Terminal Montage utilizes several songs of Renegade in his videos that's why.

      SephiRevolverSephiRevolverMonth ago
    • This comment needs more likes

      BG ResjekBG ResjekMonth ago
  • Geno = s----- mii costume. Sephiroth = A GREAT CHARACTER! I still wanted to have Geno in smash still.

    MichaelddqMichaelddq8 hours ago
  • ... 😒

    Shayden ChunShayden Chun2 days ago
  • For Sephiroth's neutral special he wields a gun.

    Mario RamosMario Ramos2 days ago
  • Don't worry there is next time

    WolxzuneWolxzune2 days ago
  • Actually this is inaccurate, spehritoph would've just caught him by a trouser strap

    KaimancerKaimancer3 days ago
  • You should make a something about final fantasy 7 animated if not then make something about super Mario galaxy animated

    Anthony WojtylkoAnthony Wojtylko3 days ago
  • You should send this to nintendo

    Zajc CreatorZajc Creator3 days ago
  • “We’ll meet again cloud. I’ll keep coming back, as long as you are who you are.”

    Ace_ofchaosAce_ofchaos3 days ago
  • Anyone who becomes a mii costume is the equivalent of being crucified.

    MathisEZMathisEZ4 days ago
  • Sephiroth: stabs and shoots Me: that’s putting it mildly

    The Cat With CoffeeThe Cat With Coffee4 days ago
  • CHRIST Just make him an assist trophy at least!

    Nobody BrodaNobody Broda5 days ago
  • The funny part about this video is that this is pretty much how Square left Nintendo for Sony in that decade, with the same level of energy displayed here.

    Yarott75Yarott755 days ago
  • Geno: get's invitation Sephiroth: and I took that, not personally and also personally

    tate nomuratate nomura5 days ago
  • Oh No GeNo IsN't In SmAsH bRoS!

    yellpowyellpow5 days ago
    • Why Nintendo Why :,( we even could get waluigi 4 smash geno 4 smash too

      yellpowyellpow5 days ago
  • for his neutral special he wields a *g u n.*

    Ali the Ultra ROBLOXAli the Ultra ROBLOX6 days ago
  • sephiroth's neutral special is G U N

    cL0k3cL0k36 days ago
  • Well speak of the devil This video pops up in my recommended as soon as I think about watching it

    LFG - Lightning Fast GamingLFG - Lightning Fast Gaming6 days ago
  • 0:06 god dammit sephiroth

    Yail RivasYail Rivas6 days ago
  • Sephiroth didnt even want to be in smash, he heard cloud was gonna be there.

    MelonypandaMelonypanda6 days ago
  • They did the same with monster hunter... I understand your pain now...

    Arthur Cohen-JonathanArthur Cohen-Jonathan7 days ago
  • okay you know what, this explains a lot

    Zachary DamascusZachary Damascus7 days ago
  • 😭 🙏 ✝️

    TheZaiusTheZaius7 days ago
  • 0:10 best killing ever

    boyfriendboyfriend7 days ago
  • I can almost taste the salt.

    Captain No-FaceCaptain No-Face7 days ago
  • He just mugged a smash character for their letter

    hiworldiexisthiworldiexist8 days ago
  • The only reason I could state is because FF7R is too popular.

    KeqingStarrKeqingStarr8 days ago
  • Hhahahahahahahah

    Rona LestorRona Lestor8 days ago
    • Super Mario bros

      Rona LestorRona Lestor8 days ago
  • If I seen how many characters that dude backstabbed by coins then I would've had 2 coins by now.

    Crit ubersCrit ubers9 days ago
  • :0 ;( rip geno

    Alonso’s Movie’sAlonso’s Movie’s9 days ago
  • canon

    Rice b-sideRice b-side9 days ago
  • nah thats cap he just smashed his bro

    TKKnlTKKnl9 days ago
  • Still want Dante in smash

    Chur chiken ManigerChur chiken Maniger9 days ago
  • Who was that boy? Was it a Vito Corleone rippoff?

    Sau07- tcsfriscoSau07- tcsfrisco9 days ago
  • Honestly, what would Geno's moveset even be? He has like 4 attacks in Mario RPG, how do you make an entire moveset out of that? You could argue the same thing applies to, say, Duck Hunt, but a DLC fighter? A nearly complete smash original moveset wouldn't cut it. He doesn't even have Sephiroth's giant sword to take over most of his normals.

    MACHINE ID: V1MACHINE ID: V110 days ago
  • so good! Thanks for the inspiration! Made a Caretaker version of Beware the Forests Mushrooms, added a smash ending.

    TronicDreamTronicDream10 days ago
  • Yo that One-Winged Angel music was pretty cool

    sea anemilysea anemily11 days ago
  • Add doomguy sakurai!

    Martian BuddyMartian Buddy11 days ago

    Dominik NovakDominik Novak11 days ago
  • They massacred by making him into a mii, logic makes sense

    EmeraldyEmeraldy12 days ago
  • Fans: no more BLOODY SWORD USERS!!! Sephiroth: *whistles* Fans: fine but no mo- *Pyra and Mythra* ....Fine totally fine , who cares Carl: TITS!

    Vayos ReaperoftheVoidVayos ReaperoftheVoid13 days ago
  • GEE! NOOOOO!!1!1!

    Junifil2Junifil213 days ago
  • ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎

    Kiel Beste Manschaft Bayern LoseKiel Beste Manschaft Bayern Lose13 days ago
  • ::::::::::::::::::: )

  • So sad..... so sad

    Zaid HernandezZaid Hernandez14 days ago
  • Terminalmontage will remember that

    Nathan Dwi WidyantoNathan Dwi Widyanto14 days ago
  • This isn't a meme, this is just an animation for comedic purposes

    francisco tapiafrancisco tapia15 days ago
  • Should Geno go to smash? Yes or No

    Qais AbdelrahmanQais Abdelrahman15 days ago
  • Correction: how Pyra got into smash

    Matt CharukaMatt Charuka15 days ago
  • “I like that truly all chat can have a gun.” 0:09 “including sephiroth who clearly didn’t need it.”

    Bing _crystalBing _crystal15 days ago
  • Guess Cloud didn’t know Sephiroth that well

    Angry CheeseAngry Cheese17 days ago
  • The amount of nostalgic power in those few seconds of music in the beginning almost killed me.

    Autumn HannahAutumn Hannah18 days ago
  • The fact that I finally managed to beat Super Mario RPG at the time that I wrote this makes this hurt even more for me.

    Alex the ShyGuyAlex the ShyGuy18 days ago
  • Aerith death scene 0:05

    mr bingo's worldmr bingo's world18 days ago
  • Come now, jeremy, this is no place for mourning, as there is a chance for geno to survive, however it shall take a price, geno coming to fortnite, but what will you do with it? We shall see

    eitan yehoshuaeitan yehoshua20 days ago
  • I thought Sephiroth gave them dis pear as a present

    Mary ScaryMary Scary20 days ago
  • U should do something about fianl fantasy 7

    Daniel MendozaDaniel Mendoza20 days ago
  • They massacred my boy

    Applejack_juniorApplejack_junior21 day ago
  • he still might get in, multiple fighters have a mii costume, like inkling and fox, also they keep adding more fighters with a spirit, like min min and pyra/mithra, so he still might come plz nintendo listen

    GreenGuyGreenGuy21 day ago
    • the fighters weren't playable in the same game when they were made miis

      Samarth GourSamarth Gour11 days ago
  • Steve did the same to Travis Touchdown 🙁

    The_BREAK _manThe_BREAK _man21 day ago
  • You should’ve put Waluigi there instead of whoever was there

    Gavin RangerGavin Ranger21 day ago
  • Even worse, Sephiroth also (fake)killed Mario!

    Blixer YoshiBlixer Yoshi22 days ago
  • Aerith... now Geno.

    Rhys MickRhys Mick22 days ago
  • In the event that Geno actually gets in at some point, I'm imagining him spending an entire video fighting off all kinds of other characters to protect his invitation...

    Fros T G Knee-sFros T G Knee-s23 days ago
  • poor Geno, Nintendo did him wrong...

    Stocc the WozStocc the Woz23 days ago

    Beanos CatalloBeanos Catallo23 days ago
  • 😭🥺😢🥺😱😰🤭🤕🤢🤧😥😓☠️👻💀🌪🔥☄️ no genoooooooooo Just kidding

    mmgamermmgamer23 days ago
  • I like how after Sephiroth killed Geno, he just yeeted away.

    Victoria ChanVictoria Chan23 days ago
  • Hot take Geno doesn't dissever to be in smash

    TheBlueRapTheBlueRap25 days ago
  • 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

    Jake LopezeriaJake Lopezeria25 days ago
  • Maybe next time I’ll get in…

    GenoGeno25 days ago
    • If there is a next time...

      santi gamer 009santi gamer 00924 days ago
  • I get the feeling that if it wasn't for FF7R, Geno may have had a better chance

    Doobious YTDoobious YT26 days ago
  • Look how they butchered my boi

    MrBanjoozie The PopTartMrBanjoozie The PopTart26 days ago
  • Raymond

    bostinbostin26 days ago
  • So thats why Geno looks different in the new vid

    The BEEF SHOW!!!The BEEF SHOW!!!26 days ago
  • well we should at least be glad he's in the game in general. sakurai could of gave us yet another swordfighter from his favorite anime nobody knows about. plus its pretty easy to make a geno mii

    Literalicity.Literalicity.26 days ago
  • Wish this was in something about season 3

    Cool CJamesCool CJames26 days ago
  • Oh gooooooood, WHY, GEEEENOOOOOOOOOO, Damn you anime swordsman, I will draw geno shooting sephiroth in sfm, and I’ll make it extra crispy

    SUCCtastical !!SUCCtastical !!26 days ago
  • Subject: His boy State: Massacred.

    hakirayleighhakirayleigh26 days ago
  • This is probably meant to be a joke video, But it actually ties in perfectly to Geno's role in the Subspace Emissary video. Sephiroth stabs him a bunch when he is invited to stop Galeem and Darkhron, which is why Geno is all robotic later on, he presumably had to get replacement body parts.

    Nate CloneNate Clone26 days ago
  • Geno: *Grabs his invitation to Smash* Sephiroth: "Hey, I like what you got there. You wanna trade for This Pear?"

    Emerald PowerEmerald Power26 days ago

  • I fell bad for you man

    SonicVGamerSonicVGamer27 days ago
  • The dislikes are from the sethroph fanboys

    DöugDöug27 days ago
  • Sephiroth wasn't wrong when he said he will give Smash despair

    BlaZeBlaZe27 days ago
  • My b o y

    BMF64BMF6427 days ago
  • And just before the payoff of ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. So sad

    ApprobladeApproblade28 days ago
  • Lo so quel mii fa cagare

    assunta maistoassunta maisto28 days ago
  • The saddest part is: Geno will always be known as the character who couldn’t be a fighter in smash, because most people today don’t even know what Super Mario RPG is.

    CeadusSunblasterCeadusSunblaster28 days ago
  • I think this was referenced to a certain character's death

    naruto minecraft dognaruto minecraft dog28 days ago
  • 0:13 How I would react if Crash becomes a mii costume instead of a fighter

    Nathan GeiseNathan Geise28 days ago
  • My boi 0:15

    DogDog28 days ago
  • Next is josuke

    every0neevery0ne28 days ago
  • I'm so glad the Geno thing never got tho Smash

    Sora UsagiyamaSora Usagiyama29 days ago
  • Sephiroth committing Genocide, business as usual.

    Felis ImpurratorFelis Impurrator29 days ago
  • Cloud: Sephiroth would never use a gun. Sephiroth: 0:10

    Edward BolandEdward Boland29 days ago
  • Cheer up buddy they made mario and luigi costumes so geno still has a chance

    ReferenceReference29 days ago
  • geno should have been in challenger pack 9 not some bobo gurl

    MyBoyChipsAhoy 64MyBoyChipsAhoy 6429 days ago
  • Umm Therese still a chance I promise IM NOT BEGGING THERES A ACTUAL CHANCE RIGHT right

    Cristian SalasCristian SalasMonth ago
  • R.I.P geno

    Ethan CEthan CMonth ago