Ditto's Daycare Dance ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Star Coin Collector Remix by @MyNewSoundtrack

Feb 1, 2020
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Here's a random music video about Ditto and some really good eggs.
I actually started this near the end of 2017, but put it on the backburner to start the first "Something About Monster Hunter World" video. I meant to come back to it, but then the Something Series took off!
I was having a lot of fun with this project so I decided to finally finish it! Consider it my love letter to Ditto (Ditto, along with Sableye, Electivire, Mewtwo and Alolan Exeggutor are my favorite Pokemon)!
This animation actually marks a pivotal point in my development as an animator. From 2012 up until I started working on this video in 2017, my animation process was relatively slow - but when I began work on the Ditto animatic, the project flowed quickly and seamlessly.
After 5 years, I was finally starting to see the hard work pay off. I became more confident in my understanding of animation and my ability as an animator.
Though Ditto had to take a backseat to the #SomethingSeries for a couple of years, I’m glad I found a little time to finish the silly little animation that meant so much to me.
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Art, Animation, Backgrounds by Jeremey Chinshue
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  • Ditto: do you want egg? Me: no Ditto: understandable, *w o u l d y o u l i k e a n e g g*

    VerecundiusVerecundius4 months ago
    • Egg life

      Furret ShinyFurret Shiny7 days ago
    • It’s like the USworlds premium add on the bottom left

      Stripes and jayStripes and jay22 days ago
    • remember how mario ate an egg in the speedrun

      Matt LeeMatt Lee23 days ago
    • E G G

      Roblox OofRoblox Oof26 days ago
    • Egg

      Mr. pancakesMr. pancakes27 days ago
  • Ditto is the town bicycle lol

    Erik BazellErik Bazell4 hours ago
  • Nooooo, not Wally! Noooooooooo

    DaKaijuKidDaKaijuKid11 hours ago
  • fun fact: ditto made it all the way to the end of the galaxy just from laying eggs

    June YTJune YT12 hours ago
  • when ditto is horni

    _ いさんjethio_ いさんjethioDay ago
  • Me leaving my ditto with my mew

    LunaAlistorLunaAlistorDay ago
  • When you just want the shiny.

    ArtakhaArtakhaDay ago
  • I love how it turned from Ditto placing eggs, to Ditto destroying a city, to Ditto using transform on a Nyan cat and failing succesfully

    Ariz AnimatesAriz AnimatesDay ago
  • Best

    Jan MalinskýJan MalinskýDay ago
  • Ditto should be in the egg group ‘yes’

    BowlingBomb GamingBowlingBomb GamingDay ago
  • Those subtitles tho

    TransBiologist, the transest of biologistsTransBiologist, the transest of biologistsDay ago
  • 1:48: *ditto sweeps the entire galaxy with eggs* Ditto again: but wait, *theres more.*

    Gianni BeniquezGianni Beniquez2 days ago

    Endercake 2.0Endercake 2.02 days ago
  • Imagine this: Pokémon 1: Who’s your dad or mom? Pokémon 2: Ditto Pokémon 1: Woah same. Pokémon 2: *B r o t h e r ?*

    Water BoiWater Boi2 days ago
  • This was eggstreme

    Mcreeps77Mcreeps772 days ago
  • 1:58 T H E R E H E I S

    Everything is not Junbi okEverything is not Junbi ok3 days ago
  • MY GOD, IT'S ALL DITTO? always has been

    flaetsbnortflaetsbnort4 days ago
  • :) sim

    Zeladoria IbiraçuZeladoria Ibiraçu4 days ago
  • 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

    yassineyassine4 days ago
  • 1:19

    황금색피카츄황금색피카츄4 days ago
  • Nyan Cat, eat your heart out.

    endersbladeendersblade4 days ago
  • 1:30 I had to put this on .25and it was still hard to see, just why.

    Sami ASami A5 days ago
  • 1:30 WTF

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  • 1:30 😳

    B4256MaStEr ._.B4256MaStEr ._.6 days ago
  • The subtitles really amp up the experience.

    YopAlonsoYopAlonso6 days ago
  • O_O

    mahamahadamahamahada7 days ago
  • O_O OH GOD

    mahamahadamahamahada7 days ago
  • POV: you're using the masuda method.

    Daniel BarracloughDaniel Barraclough7 days ago
  • This is so true

    WolfieBitzYTWolfieBitzYT7 days ago
    • I got 5000000 rowlets from breeding ditto with decidueye

      WolfieBitzYTWolfieBitzYT7 days ago
  • 어.. 음.. 알고리즘이 대체 왜 이런 걸 보여주는 걸까요?

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  • Can u do Something about Pokemon games this year?? PLEASE!!!!!

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  • poyo poyo

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  • Hatch those eggs my minion

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  • ditto cant learn egg bomb

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  • Please help my ditto turned into the egg god now I have 1 million of every shiny

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  • 1:27 watch this in 0.25 speed and you can find geno

    Raiden EusticeRaiden Eustice11 days ago
    • And something else pretty spoopy

      PiPi10 days ago
  • 0:38 Carry the eggs for mama.

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  • The way Ditto plays Snorlax's stomach makes me so happy every time I watch it.

    thegoddamnbatman1047thegoddamnbatman104711 days ago
  • *cries in breeding for egg moves.*

    KrisLegion AUKrisLegion AU12 days ago
  • Ditto:The daycare egg pokemon / Description:it spends most of its time in a daycare laying eggs.this pokemon cannot control its egg laying / Moves learned:Egg

    Pokemon Fan 101Pokemon Fan 10112 days ago
    • E G G

      Pokemon Fan 101Pokemon Fan 10112 days ago
  • Ditto is what happens when a kirbo gets melted and reshaped into a pokemon.

    Depression is my favorite colorDepression is my favorite color12 days ago
  • Ditto is the only one who dont fell any pain during birth

    tegaroh01tegaroh0112 days ago
  • O.O, good video, i like it... Let's dance.

    『Hoshi no Panda』『Hoshi no Panda』12 days ago
  • why is this so funny?

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  • At this rate we’re going to have a really bad over population problem on our hands

    Ozzy 45Ozzy 4512 days ago
  • Best anime ending

    LousyDavidLousyDavid12 days ago
  • " *This video has been ditto approved* "

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  • I found dream land at 1:45

    Becka RossBecka Ross13 days ago

    BT boys gamez YTBT boys gamez YT13 days ago
  • eggstravagant thats whats HAPPENING in the white house yeah!

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  • Me: wants an egg Ditto: oh God please no noooooooooooo no no no noooooooo

    Isaiah WebbIsaiah Webb14 days ago
  • My anxiety increases as the single file egg tower grows

    Amma OkamiAmma Okami14 days ago
  • Pause, play then pause quickly, click timestamp if it goes to next scene, repeat until... it is clear when. at 1:30 Ummm

    Kelsey KincaidKelsey Kincaid14 days ago
  • EGG

  • Deleted my old account so I have to redo my comment so.... *YOU GET AN EGG! YOU GET AN EGG! EVERYBODY GETS AN EGG!!!!!!!*

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  • Ditto is an intergalactic MENACE

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  • family friendly :>

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  • as a great man once said "EGGS, EGGS, E DOUBLE G S EGGS!"

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  • The closed captions make this so much better

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  • So this is what happens to Mario April 1st 2021

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  • What 1:00

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  • 1:30 me trying to get to the max block limit in Minecraft

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  • Trainer: Ditto, use transform Ditto: looking at the sky Ditto: becomes the sky, moves are egg bomb, smile, gift, and transform

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  • Ditto- mother and father of all

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  • I misread this as di*do's daycare dance. 🙃

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  • I see life noggin 1:24

    veggieboy22veggieboy2219 days ago
  • The captions just make this even better

    ApplecatofwinterApplecatofwinter19 days ago
  • 0:50 who animated this i want names

    Dean MarshallDean Marshall19 days ago
  • There's something vaguely disturbing about this...

    KlutzKoadyKlutzKoady19 days ago
  • i saw ditto do a creepy face

    Rafael de LaraRafael de Lara19 days ago
  • This video should have a battle against acquire the sire

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  • Are we not going to talk about how lockstin died at 1:24

    Bruh If IBruh If I20 days ago
  • Omg the subtitles doe

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  • Nobody Not a soul Ditto: EGGGGGG

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  • wholesome 100

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  • Ditto is Best Mother After All... ...wait Ditto was "Mother"?

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  • Ok great now we now that the Pokémon world is in the same world as Kirbo which is also in the same world as Metroid WHICH IS ALSO IN ZOLDO and and zoldo is in the same world as smash, kinda’ Mario is in smash Mario has many games, GENO is in one of them geno is in ????????? Orrr the subspace imissiary which..............idk man but terminal has BIG PLANS for us

    Stripes and jayStripes and jay22 days ago
  • ditto: *destroys city's with eggs cutely*

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  • i expexted chaos and thats what i got i love this

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  • Fun fact you can breed ditto with any Pokémon that’s not in the unknown egg group I think

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  • Ditto!

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  • Fun fact: You came back to the video because you like it.

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  • 0:54 when you don't poop about a year

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  • NASA should look into using ditto as a rocket

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