Ditto's Daycare Dance ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Star Coin Collector Remix by @MyNewSoundtrack

Feb 1, 2020
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Here's a random music video about Ditto and some really good eggs.
I actually started this near the end of 2017, but put it on the backburner to start the first "Something About Monster Hunter World" video. I meant to come back to it, but then the Something Series took off!
I was having a lot of fun with this project so I decided to finally finish it! Consider it my love letter to Ditto (Ditto, along with Sableye, Electivire, Mewtwo and Alolan Exeggutor are my favorite Pokemon)!
This animation actually marks a pivotal point in my development as an animator. From 2012 up until I started working on this video in 2017, my animation process was relatively slow - but when I began work on the Ditto animatic, the project flowed quickly and seamlessly.
After 5 years, I was finally starting to see the hard work pay off. I became more confident in my understanding of animation and my ability as an animator.
Though Ditto had to take a backseat to the #SomethingSeries for a couple of years, I’m glad I found a little time to finish the silly little animation that meant so much to me.
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Art, Animation, Backgrounds by Jeremey Chinshue
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  • Ditto: do you want egg? Me: no Ditto: understandable, *w o u l d y o u l i k e a n e g g*

    VerecundiusVerecundius7 months ago
    • Egg

      DittoDitto5 days ago
    • @Ditto Uno Reverse Card

      WobbufetWobbufet9 days ago
    • Egg? Egg? Egg? You want it, it’s yours my friend, just as long as you have enough egg

      DittoDitto9 days ago
    • Kids whatever you do dont say no to a ditto

      WobbufetWobbufet17 days ago
    • In the Pokémon games ditto can give you any egg

      Victorchu /vlogs and gaming vidsVictorchu /vlogs and gaming vids27 days ago
  • funny

    gato3086gato308614 hours ago
  • Dito es un dios

    i dpozog01i dpozog0115 hours ago
  • all say loppuny have more r34 than all pokemons but ditto is on other level

    『Yuu Otosaka』『Yuu Otosaka』16 hours ago

    mangle catmangle catDay ago
  • I saw the Geno

    Scott WhittacreScott WhittacreDay ago
  • 1:15 When ditto starts making a disaster

    Jan eyan the gamerJan eyan the gamer2 days ago
  • Pobre ditto

    Hiper proHiper pro2 days ago
  • Me trying to hatch a shiny

    TriForce trio !!TriForce trio !!3 days ago
  • when you want to find shiny

    Macx RaniMacx Rani3 days ago
    • Underatted

      吴有训吴有训8 hours ago
  • Ditto es hermafrodita es macho y baron al mismo tiempo asi que puede dar a luz y dejar su semilla en todo tipo de pokemon

    SimonG oficialSimonG oficial4 days ago
  • The attack of the Broodmother D:

    MothifiedMothified5 days ago
  • 계란에 마약있냐?

    안창균안창균5 days ago
  • I've decided to count how many 🥚’s are in this video but then I rewatched it and realized I had my work cut out for me

    crankylink13crankylink135 days ago
  • LOL

    EdgarEdgar6 days ago
  • Eggy egg

    Animadumb or AnimatroxaAnimadumb or Animatroxa6 days ago
  • I thought everything was cute in this video, except ditto’s evil eyes at 1:30- that was horrifying. Other than that, cute video. Lol.

    Joseph SpencerJoseph Spencer7 days ago
  • Use captions XD

    goldminemc Gamergoldminemc Gamer8 days ago
  • 🐧🐷💘🛸

    Kacenka SukuKacenka Suku8 days ago
  • people ignore the fact that ditto has a baby with every pokémon and does that for the rest of it’s life and no one sees what’s wrong with that ehhhhhh it’s pokémon.

    Thelaw88898Thelaw888989 days ago
  • Coll

    JUANPIJUANPI9 days ago
  • 1:30 in slow motion

  • Oh I already commented here

    Apple Juic3Apple Juic39 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣 I love how ditto slaps snorlax's belly so funny and cute

    jake atkinsonjake atkinson9 days ago
  • Ditto gets all the pokégirls

    andrewandrew10 days ago
  • ditto: throws eggs Oak samuel: dies

    Doges RulesDoges Rules10 days ago
  • ....Just keeps going and going

    Sableguy97Sableguy9711 days ago
  • Try this at 2x speed XD

    Pierre Alexis Odin P. NocomPierre Alexis Odin P. Nocom11 days ago
  • What

    Andrea CatalanoAndrea Catalano11 days ago
  • welp he past planet popstar well i like kirby wait no its kirbo rightttttt

    Simp for monoSimp for mono11 days ago
  • what does he mean good bye world i have grater things to do?

    Simp for monoSimp for mono11 days ago
  • wait FUTURE GENO!?

    Simp for monoSimp for mono11 days ago
  • warning! explosive eegs

    Simp for monoSimp for mono11 days ago
  • whos the drum in the vid?

    Simp for monoSimp for mono11 days ago
  • throws up an eeg

    Simp for monoSimp for mono11 days ago
  • A great way to start my laughs.

    Pierre Alexis Odin P. NocomPierre Alexis Odin P. Nocom11 days ago
  • 1:22 destructive eggs are a thing.

    Pierre Alexis Odin P. NocomPierre Alexis Odin P. Nocom12 days ago
  • 0:29 Why can he take six?

    靐龘靐龘12 days ago
  • Ditto is just becoming an egg maker-

    Irene FWIrene FW12 days ago
  • Это прекрасно

    Hollow SaMuraiHollow SaMurai12 days ago
  • 1:58 Someone mentioned that theres a jelly boi floating through space.

    Carl chan10Carl chan1013 days ago
  • Super Accurate lol

    Pierre Alexis Odin P. NocomPierre Alexis Odin P. Nocom13 days ago
  • ditto man=egg man

    Jovann clement kurniawan no game name nowJovann clement kurniawan no game name now13 days ago
  • Literally every pokemon in the pokemon universe: *nothing* Ditto: DID I HEAR *E G G*

    Dr. FordDr. Ford14 days ago
  • SnOrLaX! I love ditto

    zorauzorau15 days ago
  • Ash doesn’t even give a darn, he just wants more Pokémon.

    Kristian’s Animation Studio//KASKristian’s Animation Studio//KAS16 days ago
  • 2:00 Nyan Ditto

    WobbufetWobbufet16 days ago
  • And this is why never leave a ditto at Daycare...

    WobbufetWobbufet16 days ago
  • I love this face at 1:30. Also, Nice Geno.

    Alex the ShyGuyAlex the ShyGuy16 days ago
  • Those subtitles 🤣

    Callisto JupiterCallisto Jupiter16 days ago
  • I love how nonchalant Ditto is about destroying the Poke-earth, then moving on to other worlds to be an invasive species

    Galve The Iron DragonGalve The Iron Dragon17 days ago
  • dito with save pokemon from going extinct while making humans going extinct

    Nanamalito MonNanamalito Mon17 days ago
  • KWAI

    Joaquina CervantesJoaquina Cervantes18 days ago
  • You should release sheet music if you have any

    WyattWyatt18 days ago
  • Thank you ditto. Very cool.

    SKYLORD_ x1SKYLORD_ x120 days ago
  • Alguien español ?

    Aaron CruzAaron Cruz21 day ago
  • Listened to this whilst doing a Ditto Max Raid.

    GamingWithSceptileGamingWithSceptile21 day ago
  • Me: *takes ditto out of the daycare*

    Audrey PalustreAudrey Palustre22 days ago
  • 1:24 gnoggnin

    Spider WorldSpider World22 days ago
  • No one: Litterally no one: Captions: F I R E B A B Y

    Riley TamilloRiley Tamillo22 days ago
  • good song

    Kevin MatuteKevin Matute22 days ago
  • My teacher says perfect art doesn’t exist. I disagree

    Soupy SquidSoupy Squid23 days ago
  • 1:30 The ditto to rule them all (slowed to 0.25)

    Sinjin BSinjin B23 days ago
  • 1:13 I was about to say... this can’t be a terminalmontage video, there haven’t been any explosions

    Fox McCloudFox McCloud24 days ago
  • 1:30 oh my god

    Snowy gamingSnowy gaming24 days ago
  • Are we not going to talk about how the music perfectly fits the video?

    BotSlayerBotSlayer25 days ago
  • egg

    Memerboi69Memerboi6925 days ago
  • Ahora se de donde provienen los huesos de diiitttto

    Stevencraft8104 CraftStevencraft8104 Craft25 days ago
  • Needed something with flame body in the basket with the eggs

    choakid999choakid99926 days ago
  • *He do be vibin, tho*

    PlayrR3DPlayrR3D26 days ago
  • In swsh my ditto is named all caps M O T H E R

    PringlePringle26 days ago
  • Ditto just casually committed war crimes in the middle of a dance With a smile on his face and everything

    Jonathan HoolboomJonathan Hoolboom26 days ago
  • Ok but now watch it with closed captions on....

    Poka BoyPoka Boy26 days ago
  • plz tell me it s 2021 I have enough, although 2020 will be quite close, now it will be possible

    Amandek 15Amandek 1526 days ago
  • The first part of the song is so good I am still listening to it till this day-

    Rehman MetaRehman Meta27 days ago
  • Nobody: Ditto: Can i offer you a nice egg in this trying time?

    It's muffin timeIt's muffin time27 days ago
  • Ditto is an egg spawner. Change my mind.

    Cameron PilcherCameron Pilcher27 days ago
  • at first: very wholesome at last: [DESTRUCTION]

    much yesmuch yes27 days ago
  • It do be like this

    SuperKit10SuperKit1028 days ago
  • Vibeing ditto what will he do

    Brody ImesBrody Imes28 days ago
  • How many eggs did he lay

    Spark .2Spark .228 days ago
  • 1:58 the 5th row first collumm's name IS EVERYONE WHEN RED WANTS A SHINY

    Boops BoopsBoops Boops29 days ago
  • Shiny hunting in a nutshell

    Steel WarriorSteel Warrior29 days ago
  • 2:07 I would like to draw attention to in the patreon list "Eggs and eggs and eggs and eggs..."

    Boom! A TackBoom! A Tack29 days ago
  • what the actual CRAP???????????

    Quinton ChristensenQuinton Christensen29 days ago
  • Ditto is for the streets

    o po p29 days ago
  • i wonder if any of the eggs were shiny probably not

    DervyDervy29 days ago
  • Eeg

    Joshua SudarsonoJoshua SudarsonoMonth ago
  • Its just me or ditto is the opposite kirby

    Lucas de Carvalho Andrade MazaLucas de Carvalho Andrade MazaMonth ago
  • 1:30...

    Gabriel 22082008Gabriel 22082008Month ago
  • 0:51 DITO DANCE

    Salome ChochocaSalome ChochocaMonth ago
  • Its sad how people only use ditto to make eggs

    KiguromixxxKiguromixxxMonth ago
  • Dittos a chad

    KopìKopìMonth ago
  • beware people: subliminal messages

    Natanael SouzaNatanael SouzaMonth ago
  • 1:32 when I’m shiny hunting

    Pirate AnimationsPirate AnimationsMonth ago
  • praise be to the ditto parent.

    duece08duece08Month ago
  • ah yes, adultery

    GROMALOCARIS why do I need a last nameGROMALOCARIS why do I need a last nameMonth ago
  • Hola dfg

    Margarita MartinezMargarita MartinezMonth ago
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    Angelica AngelicaAngelica AngelicaMonth ago
  • The splatoon jellyfish at 1:57 was a really cool touch

    Ripable PaperRipable PaperMonth ago