Bomberman Origins

Sep 11, 2015
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Here's my interpretation of Bomberman's Origins, as explained in the original NES Bomberman instruction manual!
“Bomberman is a robot engaged in the production of bombs. Like his fellow robots, he had been put to work in an underground compound by evil forces. Bomberman found it to be an unbearably dreary existence. One day, he heard an encouraging rumor. According to the rumor, any robot that could escape the underground compound and make it to the surface could become human. Bomberman leaped at the opportunity, but escape proved to be no small task. Alerted to Bomberman's betrayal, large numbers of the enemy set out in pursuit. Bomberman can rely only on bombs of his own production for his defense. Will he ever make it up to the surface? Once there, will he really become human?”
I love and miss Bomberman so much, I had a lot of fun making this. And yes, I know, at the end of the original Bomberman he becomes (SPOILER) Loderunner. This is basically my headcannon, I wanted it to tie into the other Bomberman games.
Narration was done by none other than the talented Dave Dixon, AKA Shockdingo! Check him out here: and here
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Songs used were:
"Stage 5 Factory" and "Title" from Super Bomberman 5

  • B R U H

    Colton K.Colton K.23 days ago
  • Bomberman, Become human

    Guillermo RodríguezGuillermo RodríguezMonth ago
  • Lore?

    Janpan The Inkling [Agent-J]Janpan The Inkling [Agent-J]Month ago
  • oh i didnt expect it to be him

    ShapesShapesMonth ago
    • amazing

      ShapesShapesMonth ago
  • It looks like a GBA game.

    HiHi Rhythm PuppyGloomyHiHi Rhythm PuppyGloomy2 months ago
  • Maybe he will escape maybe he won’t but he is in smash as an Assist Trophy

    Adrian SowmaAdrian Sowma2 months ago
    • Well, he is now a mii fighter

      Cb23Cb232 months ago

    Zboy 115Zboy 1152 months ago
  • I need more...

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPaw2 months ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks homer man looks like Finn the human from adventure time?

    Grizzly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔGrizzly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ2 months ago
  • I wish you did a Something about Bomberman video. I think Bomberman doesn,t get half the representation he deserves, if you did an animation about him, maybe people would care again.

    Hian DenteHian Dente3 months ago

    RetroHero64 2RetroHero64 24 months ago
  • Terminal montage ending: Bomberman Max 2 - garden stage

    MartinSSJ-SlimenMartinSSJ-Slimen4 months ago
  • Until Wario runs him over on his motorcycle. wa haha !

    PNW AfflictionPNW Affliction5 months ago
  • What if Bomberman was human? Any Face Reveal for Bomberman?

    ArmandoNevererArmandoNeverer5 months ago
  • Woah this is SO COOL!

    NotASpyReallyNotASpyReally6 months ago

    BJ JacksonBJ Jackson7 months ago
  • It's like act zero, but good.

    Byron LeonardByron Leonard7 months ago
  • This can be a legit game!

    Sonicfan 246810Sonicfan 2468108 months ago
    • this is literally the story of the first game

      BlueIce57BlueIce578 months ago
  • Oh my god, Jay C A BOMB!

    XeletsXeletsYear ago
  • What bomberman act zero SHOULD have been.

    Tablet TabletTablet TabletYear ago
  • I like the N64 Bomberman. Bomberman Hero was... weird.

    EXcentriXEXcentriXYear ago
  • That was awesome. Wish the story in any Bomberman game was this interesting.

    Unknow0059Unknow0059Year ago
  • Would anyone believe that this was made by the same person who does the Something About series?

    ControlleronaHangerControlleronaHangerYear ago
  • Wtf how did they put voices on snes ?

    DonnieDisastersDonnieDisastersYear ago
  • why would he want to be human?

    roidroidroidroidYear ago
  • If there was a remake of the classical NES game for switch this should be the perfect intro

    Pingüino S Castillo HerreraPingüino S Castillo HerreraYear ago

    BlueYoshi MasterBlueYoshi MasterYear ago
  • Someone make this a video game already

    Red Stunt DoubleRed Stunt DoubleYear ago
  • Bomberman never made it up to the surface and died the end

    mighty retardmighty retardYear ago
  • The golds that are being input reference to lode runner nes

    Natnat Gaming101Natnat Gaming101Year ago

    Luna MothLuna MothYear ago
  • is it true???

    Blerch BoyBlerch BoyYear ago
  • i did not know that

    Blerch BoyBlerch BoyYear ago

    the new kidthe new kidYear ago
  • Reason why bomberman in smash ultimate as a assist trophy:Sakurai didn’t see bomberman origins video

    Turboman 8Turboman 8Year ago
  • 1:02

    ShokoManShokoMan2 years ago
  • Intro is really good

    Light and DarkBrosLight and DarkBros2 years ago
  • This should be a video game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jon bondjon bond2 years ago
  • Then turns into assist trophy

    Roboto64Roboto642 years ago
  • So he wasent a man who was bitten by a radioactive bomb and sworn vengeance on all who is not exploded?

    NoodahNoodah2 years ago
  • Ending: Bomberman succeeds, and becomes Lode Runner. I'm not kidding, that's what actually happens.

    Sebby19Sebby192 years ago
    • @Mr Barrington I figure the first Bomberman on Turbo-Grafx 16 is a complete reboot, since Bomberman 2 on NES isn't nothing like the original and more so the TG-16 game.

      TritnewVGTritnewVG18 days ago
    • Spoilers?

      05r05r4 months ago
    • Only to wander across the city in his robot form for the sequels and such. With many Spin Offs it's impossible to tell what's canon and what not in this franchise.

      Mr BarringtonMr Barrington7 months ago
  • Look like super bomberman 6 snes

    SprinterWxSprinterWx2 years ago
  • Bomb, become human

    SquEaKy GuTsSquEaKy GuTs2 years ago

    Flipro123Flipro1232 years ago
  • That was really cool!

    Noob GamingNoob Gaming2 years ago
  • YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    brianna cuvabrianna cuva2 years ago
  • Woah, I had no idea you made this! I respect you even more now!

    JonlooJonloo2 years ago
  • Amazing pixel art

    limes existlimes exist2 years ago
  • So robots speak qbertese? *Gasp* ! Was Qbert a robot?

    JODA9395JODA93952 years ago
  • Bomba man💣💥

    No Simps Police DepartmentNo Simps Police Department2 years ago
  • *I love this*

    ToadboydudeToadboydude2 years ago
  • _Hark!_ I think I found me some Ancient Treasure... I get some HEAVY GBA vibes from this. (Even looks like one of those GBA remakes like "Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland" or "Metroid: Zero Mission") Probably would of been a fun one too, in another life... I also LOVE this Bomberman design, keeping his Iconic image, yet having the Original Robot origin. (Even though I always preferred BM being sometype of Alien over being a Robot.) From one Artist to another, this was great! (Also glad the lil Dude himself is back in action)

    Shin Computer-MonsterShin Computer-Monster2 years ago
  • This is amazing!!!! Please do more

    Universaluna9999/StarlightanimatesUniversaluna9999/Starlightanimates2 years ago

    Smelt's Custom CornerSmelt's Custom Corner2 years ago
  • Nice opening cutscene

    Le ChildLe Child2 years ago
  • This is absolutely wonderful, music and all. Thank you.

    Spencer SchmidtSpencer Schmidt2 years ago
  • Floor 99 White runs toward the exit but slows to a halt hearing something he crotches down and puts an ear against the floor...he hears screaming and shattering cement getting closer. White barley has time to react as the ground explodes sending him flying and landing on his butt he quickly shakes out of his daze and sees a large white bearded figure in a purple cloak looming over him. The yellow toothed mouth twists into a grimace of pure rage and hatred. "You wothless collection of bolt!" his raspy voice booms. "How dare you try and escape from me and my factory...I don't know how you even make it this far but that doesn't matter...I built you...and so help me I can tear you apart! LOOKS LIKE YOUR LITTLE JOURNEY ENDS HERE,HERO!!!" and with that the figure cackles and levitates above the arena as White readies himself with his trusty bombs to either escape and finally taste freedom...or fight and die trying. *Dastardly Dictator Of Planet Bomber* BUGGLER

    VegetaFan 99VegetaFan 992 years ago
  • It could makes sense why bomberman levels are mazes and he has to use bombs to scape from them If this gets into a real game, it could bring a lot of explanations to bomberman's lore

    anoni matoanoni mato2 years ago
  • 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    Jovia ElhornJovia Elhorn2 years ago
  • This is badass, yo.

    The CPMRThe CPMR2 years ago
  • wow this look so good the origins of bomber sounds good

  • This is the best video on your channel tbh

    Pato FanáticoPato Fanático2 years ago

    john Oakerjohn Oaker2 years ago
  • and here i am like, when we get to see episode 1?!!! XD

    ChHidekiChHideki2 years ago
  • that's some interesting trivia in the description there :o

    FoxehFoxeh2 years ago
  • Your work is da furkin best! I love bomberman, and this animation!

    CyberusTheRobotCyberusTheRobot2 years ago
  • *Spoiler Alert* When you beat the NES version of the game, Bomberman becomes human. Later on you can see that he makes a sequel in Lode Runner NES. The one and only true Bomberman is Lode Runner, and the rest of the other robots are also copies of Bomberman.

    Citrus CiceroCitrus Cicero3 years ago
  • Wonderful Bomberman head-canon Terminal, I love your work! If you would like to the view the very first attempt of an English dub of the anime of Bomberman Jetters Episode 1, check out this video! I directed and wrote the script, got all the music, and a voice cast together myself! Share with your friends, and give it a thumbs up!

    CBCB3 years ago
  • What did you use to make this animation?

    edward18517edward185173 years ago
  • Still wish Bomberman was in Smash.

    Nick RickNick Rick3 years ago
    • Also, I wish this was his actual look, before he became human. It looks so cool ;D

      Nick RickNick Rick3 years ago
  • So, what are your thoughts on Super Bomberman R?

    seanmyster6seanmyster63 years ago
  • So.. WILL HE!?!?!?!?!?1?!!?!?1?!?21?2?21?!?1?!?2!?

    M.M ProductionsM.M Productions3 years ago
  • Who picks options right after an awesome monologue?

    hahahaha3 years ago
  • Has anyone sent this to Konami yet!?

    Sonic The Faker HedgehogSonic The Faker Hedgehog3 years ago
  • Your lip sync skills are amazing. Love all of your work, keep it up! (also all the little sound effects you added are amazing XD)

    Klever KitsuneKlever Kitsune3 years ago
  • And then in r they say there robots :p

    Connor YoungConnor Young3 years ago
  • That could be a game

    Just An ArtistJust An Artist3 years ago
    • Apenas_Um_Desenhista 2342 it could be like enter the gundion

      Bruh BruhBruh Bruh2 years ago
  • why would a robot want to be human0

    ChronosChronos3 years ago
  • i thought he was a space cop

    Seth LeoricSeth Leoric3 years ago
    • Sort of he is in some games.

      Mr BarringtonMr Barrington7 months ago
  • this opening should be the opening for a bomber man remake

    Xeno TatsunabaXeno Tatsunaba3 years ago
  • bomberman: I'm not human I'm still a robot

    Some Random FemaleSome Random Female3 years ago
  • god damn i still love this

    T -T -3 years ago
  • HE'S BACK!!!

    MonsterMan25MonsterMan253 years ago
  • wow this was really well made!!!

    Quinavere K.Quinavere K.4 years ago
  • Real shame Konami owns the rights to Bomberman now. We've failed as a species.

    Atomic?Atomic?4 years ago
    • RalphJeremy 65 You know, I forgot I wrote that comment. Being wrong feels fantastic

      Atomic?Atomic?Year ago
    • Konami made Bombergirls. //runs

      Toshiyuki DomaToshiyuki DomaYear ago
    • Atomicmuffin22 guess what came out recently

      RalphJeremy 65RalphJeremy 653 years ago
    • Wanna go halfsies on the IP once Konami inevitably goes under?

      Atomic?Atomic?4 years ago
  • i love bomberman

    Kenny ButterKenny Butter4 years ago
  • Holy crap! That was incredible!

    Good Guy Player2Good Guy Player24 years ago
  • Damn, if this was real, I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Too bad Konami have their greasy hands on it...

    TeckGeckTeckGeck4 years ago
    • REA L H a r d No need, Super Bomberman R is amazing.

      Zig ZoinksZig Zoinks3 years ago
  • Bomberman was a really bright memory from my childhood that I didn't get to share with many people; seeing this and knowing other people share my adoration for it made me really happy.

    Akira64Akira644 years ago
    • I'm actually hoping to get into animation as well. What program(s) do you use? Last time I used Flash, it was...not the most cooperative.

      Akira64Akira644 years ago
  • Wow. That was an animation?!

    nerdyC0mpUt3rfr34knerdyC0mpUt3rfr34k4 years ago
  • I love to play Bomberman games!

    Alexis White cat bomberAlexis White cat bomber4 years ago
  • i love hudson.

    Thinking MouseThinking Mouse4 years ago
  • Rip Hudson :(

    Lucario MarioLucario Mario4 years ago
  • This was pretty cool. Got to hand it to those old instruction manual stories.

    KnightLineArtKnightLineArt4 years ago
  • anybody remeber that weird ass fuckin' bomberman an nime that shit was weird

    Jogging ScoutJogging Scout4 years ago
    • +Adam Muratagic anime**

      Jogging ScoutJogging Scout4 years ago
    • annime*

      Jogging ScoutJogging Scout4 years ago
  • This is really cool!

    InjuredPelicanInjuredPelican5 years ago
  • How did you do the puxels

    Bryce LoganBryce Logan5 years ago
  • Bravo!

    Timothy BenitezTimothy Benitez5 years ago
  • Well I think he succeeded. I remember from back in Bomberman DS that there's no 'robot' Bomberman.

    mahius19mahius195 years ago
  • Wow dude, you've got some serious skill. If I were working on a game you'd be the first person I'd call for animation.

    Daonis90Daonis905 years ago