Attack on Pikmin

Aug 16, 2013
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I've recently fallen in love with Attack on Titan, and I love Pikmin. So I made this.
Sorry I haven't been uploading much! Been busy with life, and making Lore videos! But if you want to see what I'm working on and other things follow me on;

The names of the songs used are XL-TT and Guren no Yumiya from Attack on Titan!
ALSO. Attack on Pikmin 2 is slowly happening! HERE'S A PICTURE MIGHT BE A WHILE THOUGH SRY.

  • That's what happens before Olimar arrive

    R - G - CR - G - C15 hours ago
  • How am I just getting this

    Vix BotVix BotDay ago
  • This makes me so happy

    MesachiMesachiDay ago
  • Increible que ya hayan pasado casi 8 años😅

    Hae MvhuaHae MvhuaDay ago
  • Dodge......

    Vitor ValeVitor Vale2 days ago
  • wow

    JamesG 23JamesG 232 days ago
  • um

    ComposerXamtrackComposerXamtrack3 days ago
  • Necesitamos algo sobre The final season 😍🥰

    Armando JassoArmando Jasso3 days ago
  • Perfect

    Kakashi H4t4keKakashi H4t4ke3 days ago
  • When the blue pikmin got eaten it looked funny

    carl vylan aludinocarl vylan aludino4 days ago
  • How is this unironically awesome

    Wicket59Wicket595 days ago
  • As a attack on Titan fan, I love this-

    Boeing 777Boeing 7775 days ago
  • Woah, you made this? I remember watching this back when it came out, glad to see you've grown and gotten better since then :)

    MorimentoMorimento8 days ago
  • The new Smash trailer looks awesome

    Jack MarrilliaJack Marrillia8 days ago
  • When you get the best ending in pikmin 1

    Jiokester 458Jiokester 45810 days ago
  • You’re watching attack on pikmin You’ve watched attack on titan Now prepare yourself for attack on titanfall

    Doomchap AnimationsDoomchap Animations12 days ago
  • if this get copyright claimed it means its canon

    Samuel HunterSamuel Hunter13 days ago
  • Players: They'll never survive without Olimar. Pikmin:

    Positively DreadfulPositively Dreadful15 days ago
  • A masterpiece

    LordTacoCatLordTacoCat16 days ago
  • Excuse me but what

    Nuke G6Nuke G616 days ago
  • Emperor bulblax as the colossal titan.

    DinoMan64DinoMan6417 days ago
  • Who else got this because of season 4

    JigsawJigsaw18 days ago
  • Hmm we need Something about Pikmin

    ClubPenguin .e7ClubPenguin .e719 days ago
  • Pikman of life🙂

    J. R. CalderoniJ. R. Calderoni19 days ago
  • :0

    Kyrastal YTKyrastal YT20 days ago
  • The Pikmin's rope gear things use the same sound effect as Olimar's up b in Brawl. I knew I recognized that sound from somewhere. Clever

    hinkagehinkage22 days ago
  • Yes

    Announcer Speaker Box BfdiAnnouncer Speaker Box Bfdi22 days ago
  • epik

    Fabio RuizFabio Ruiz23 days ago
  • Terminal, you should really continue this

    BB 666BB 66623 days ago
  • wait shouldnt the name be attack on bulborb

    AllergicToSanityAllergicToSanity24 days ago
  • We are the pikmin

    NatureKevinRBLXNatureKevinRBLX24 days ago
  • Probably the pikmin Watch the DVD version of attack on Titan and put in a DVD player and a TV

    Zak ChaudhryZak Chaudhry25 days ago
  • Wey cresi mirando esto de pequeño y no sabia que era de terminal montage

    nigt crak canal principalnigt crak canal principal25 days ago
  • Fun fact, you didn't search this

    FlipperClipperFlipperClipper25 days ago
    • I did...

      Chin Ee KohChin Ee Koh24 days ago
  • 0:24 : JEAGERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe sorry im the biggest Attack on titan fan from the world

    Itzz_maria_chanItzz_maria_chan25 days ago
  • The Pikrangers! Red: Strength Yellow: Speed Blue: Sprit

    James garzilloJames garzillo26 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Mathias RamírezMathias Ramírez27 days ago
  • Is something about Pikmin coming anytime soon? If so, these guys had better make some kind of cameo.

    Jack MarrilliaJack Marrillia27 days ago
  • Weird I got recommend this today

    crankylink13crankylink13Month ago
  • MOAR

  • This mad lad is still hearting comments on a 7 year old video 😋

    EggvationEggvationMonth ago
  • I never realised that this channel was this old

    Anson ChanAnson ChanMonth ago
    • Same

      Sam NewtonSam NewtonMonth ago
  • Lol

    NotAGreatYoutuber !NotAGreatYoutuber !Month ago
  • Y’all gonna ignore the fact that this was made 7 years ago?

    Memer studioz :3Memer studioz :3Month ago
  • God I LOVE this parody of pikmin and attack on Titan

    deadmansaltshakerdeadmansaltshakerMonth ago
  • lol attack on titan reference

    Señor PatoSeñor PatoMonth ago
  • This is my favorite anime

    mokamationsmokamationsMonth ago
  • I'd watch it

    EpicGamerDogeEpicGamerDogeMonth ago
  • 10/10 still really good 7 years later

    TntyeeterTntyeeterMonth ago
    • How does this guy still heart this stuff 7 years later!

      TntyeeterTntyeeterMonth ago
  • If you like this comment, I will give you a muffin.

    MrMozzieMrMozzieMonth ago
  • So it's basically the pikmin from the end of Pikmin 1.

    D YellowMadnessD YellowMadnessMonth ago
  • Wat?

    Hugo BazinHugo BazinMonth ago
  • all you need is 5 purples smh

    Whomst'd've heWhomst'd've heMonth ago
  • My favorite anime.

    sfo4 5sfo4 5Month ago
  • Attack on the titan but with pikmins

    Banana sackboyBanana sackboyMonth ago
  • Typic... 7 years later

    Nash [CosP :3]Nash [CosP :3]Month ago
  • I don't know why but this popped up on my recommended and this was made 7 years ago

    IllusionIllusionMonth ago
  • 미국의 편집미래도 발다...

    게임,애니매이션 유튜버하유브게임,애니매이션 유튜버하유브Month ago
  • i should watch attack on titan

    Sinking RaftSinking RaftMonth ago
  • これすき

    秋が好きな人秋が好きな人Month ago
  • 日本語多くて草

    うpと霊夢のチャンネル【登録者1000人目標】キネマスター系YouTuberうpと霊夢のチャンネル【登録者1000人目標】キネマスター系YouTuberMonth ago
  • Literally AoT is pikmin with humans.

    Ghost_Scout999Ghost_Scout9992 months ago
  • Lol

    spike sacuraspike sacura2 months ago
  • When you are losing in a pikmin battle

    YenYen2 months ago
  • pikmin 4 when

    DroomDroom2 months ago
  • I don’t know why was this recommended to me 7 years after release, but I definitely want a sequel Edit: THERE’S A SEQUEL NO WAY

    ChavesChaves2 months ago
  • loll

    IgneelIgneel2 months ago
  • Like how the trio all have flowers. Nice touch

  • Basically how it feels attack enemies in Pikmin

    Dewayne BuchananDewayne Buchanan2 months ago
  • My first into to pikmen , looks intense

    Matthew AlfaroMatthew Alfaro2 months ago
  • The battle missions in Pikmin 3, basically.

    kerplopkerplop2 months ago
  • *wants to watch video* WAIT! TERMINAL MADE THIS!!????

    Michael HewlettMichael Hewlett2 months ago
  • More please? Past the first three you already did

    soridosunekusoridosuneku2 months ago
  • I watched this so many years ago when I first found this channel... I only just now learned it was made by the terminal himself.

    Victor RubioVictor Rubio2 months ago
  • Pikmin: Iq 0- Pikmin with Olimar: Iq 10000000000000000++++++++++++

    Aflahul FalihinAflahul Falihin2 months ago
  • Awesome

    Lucky the DogeLucky the Doge2 months ago
  • Imagine if this became a full series’s

    Tired LinkTired Link2 months ago
  • だいたい合ってる

    オーウェルジョージオーウェルジョージ2 months ago
  • Just checking to see if he still hearts comments

    Joseph KingJoseph King2 months ago
  • Attack on Pikmin: Olimar Returns Deluxe!

    Thatoneperson IscoolThatoneperson Iscool2 months ago
  • 青なにした?

    盛田有喜盛田有喜2 months ago
  • hello everybody, today we play the game : " why is youtube recomending this now " and today i think we have a answer, Pikmin 3 deluxe.

    DroubGamingDroubGaming2 months ago
    • nah, it's the final season of AoT that just came out

      Not A Real PersonNot A Real Person26 days ago
  • Can someone give me tips on how to like anime, I have only watch some of the early episodes of the Pokemon one

    Brandon VillanuevaBrandon Villanueva2 months ago
    • Ok I’ll try it

      Brandon VillanuevaBrandon Villanueva2 months ago
    • Try One Piece, that one's pretty good

      Ringo BingoRingo Bingo2 months ago
  • 👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Tatiana MoreiraTatiana Moreira2 months ago
  • Best anime

    Pain!Pain!2 months ago
  • lol

    キリッキリッ2 months ago
  • ピクミンってなんだっけ?

    ゆーくりっとゆーくりっと2 months ago
  • the Willy-web yellow shot was cool

    Um Pinguim LokoUm Pinguim Loko2 months ago
  • Confirmed TerminalMontage is a weeb

    ksinkula26ksinkula262 months ago
  • ピクミンの設定が壊れた。(他の動画のキャラもキャラ崩壊)&二次創作設定(この動画はNintendo(任天堂)に認められているの?でなければ通報Da)

    承太劇場承太劇場2 months ago
    • この動画の概要欄 見た感じ任天堂のライセンス情報とかが書かれてないためこれは 認められてません通報一択です。

      承太劇場承太劇場2 months ago

    Evan WacasterEvan Wacaster3 months ago
  • Is this a Pikmin 4 leaked cutscene?

    AmbientGalaxyAmbientGalaxy3 months ago
  • Nitendo : pikmin is the most relaxing 😌 game ever The lady bug 🕷 thing : kills one of the pikmin Pikmin : just slice off part of the lady bug thing

    Blaze GamesBlaze Games3 months ago
  • スゲー

    美味しい卵美味しい卵3 months ago
  • Just got done with season three. I love this

    Kringle MeemKringle Meem3 months ago
  • Z,kkkjjjkmjmhhjhhnhhh

    大西恭平大西恭平3 months ago
  • This is a master piece

    The PUNisherThe PUNisher3 months ago
  • This is amazing

    Stink 64Stink 643 months ago
  • 可愛いしかっこいいww

    野沢和歌子野沢和歌子3 months ago
  • this should be called attack on bulborb

    kurikuraconkuritaskurikuraconkuritas3 months ago