Attack on Pikmin 2

Feb 25, 2017
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Here it is. The dramatic conclusion. Will Wall Olimar be saved?
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Back in 2013 I said it'd come out one day, and that day is today. This wasn't 4 years in the making, I actually started working on this January of this year. My friend sent me a Pikmin plush for Christmas and it inspired me to finally make this. ENJOY.
This is probably the last one, unless AoT Season 2 is really good and I want to spoof a scene from it!
Don't forget to watch AoP 1 and 1.5 if you haven't!
AoP 1.5:
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Side Quests:
The songs used, in order were:
Vogel Im Kafig
進撃gt20130218巨人, but sped up. You can find them on my Soundcloud:
ピクミン 進撃の巨人

  • Trevor Noah

    Robert TolenRobert TolenDay ago
  • Badass Levi white pikmin is cool as hell

    FourLeafLuckFourLeafLuckDay ago
  • Me have no idea what they are saying also me turning on the captions to be funny but it actually translates what they are saying🤯🤯🤯

    Josh WallaceJosh WallaceDay ago
  • What the hell is he saying?

    TheRencer 2OTheRencer 2ODay ago
  • should've made Armin at one point say "sasageyo"

    Jack JessopJack JessopDay ago
  • i wanna see the collosal and armored bulborbs

    Jack JessopJack JessopDay ago
  • i love levi in this

    Jack JessopJack JessopDay ago
  • Screw watching the actual anime I'll just watch this lol

    yoshikage kiras handsprayyoshikage kiras handspray2 days ago
  • I need more AoP

    JoemikolaiJoemikolai2 days ago
  • What is the blue pikmin saying

    plush filmsplush films3 days ago
  • Who saw the one purple pikmin

    plush filmsplush films3 days ago
  • Is this series done?? I want more plz!

    Quentin GoffQuentin Goff3 days ago
  • Waiting for 3

    Pop CatPop Cat3 days ago

    The NerdasaurusThe Nerdasaurus4 days ago
  • Interesting

    Oblivion ThunderOblivion Thunder5 days ago
  • Man when they said “Iweshewanheniwemowee” it hit me in the feels man

    Samuel DentonSamuel Denton6 days ago
  • Ok so when I first watched this it was before I even knew what this show was and now I’m re watching it after finishing the series and it actually makes a lot of sense lol

    Quentin SchwernerQuentin Schwerner7 days ago
  • this is amazing and hilarious at the same time

    GD EndermanGD Enderman7 days ago
  • I couldn’t understand but then I turned on subtitles and cried

    Billy the rockBilly the rock7 days ago
  • Red Pikmin: **dies** 0:30 Blue Pikmin: *EREN!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Vlad TVVlad TV8 days ago
  • Vagel Im kägif is epic in this version

    AruminArumin8 days ago
  • you made my fear go away

    lennon llorinlennon llorin8 days ago
  • When he said “isbsbebsjsjdiosdbsbsisbeisbsibssibsbssisbsbaklspspslsbdodnesosn” I felt that 😔

    ImGladToBeHereImGladToBeHere8 days ago
  • Huh, so it was blue who ate all of reds necter. Little did he know that red used the necter to soften the feet, he is a plant. Ye this is not funny Also, in the short pikmin movie, a white pikmin can spit acid that is so strong it melted 5 ince of steel

    tegaroh01tegaroh019 days ago
  • put caption see what there saying

    Rickchany LongRickchany Long9 days ago
  • me watching this when watching on titan 2021 wait this like attack on titan ;-;

    Rickchany LongRickchany Long9 days ago
  • Ah yes, my favorite anime.

    Nothing to see hereNothing to see here9 days ago
  • We need a part 4

    SimeezkatSimeezkat10 days ago
  • I wish this series was longer, it’s very good.

    Paul the MUTOPaul the MUTO10 days ago

    FunkyFuzzFunkyFuzz10 days ago
  • watafock

    Roblox Among usRoblox Among us11 days ago
  • Turn on subtitles for Armin's speech it is truly touching.

    Joseph LittleJoseph Little12 days ago
    • ThANK you for commenting; I never would've turned the subtitles on 😂

      The Starlight ForgeThe Starlight Forge3 days ago
  • Pikmin expansion

    Juddssy :DJuddssy :D13 days ago
  • Why do captions work

    hungry290hungry29013 days ago
  • Attack on Pikmin 4 please ♥

    KevinKevin14 days ago
  • Ahem... turn on captions and all will be revealed

    Ian AlcayagaIan Alcayaga15 days ago
  • 🤬

    Amani AbaasAmani Abaas16 days ago
  • Pikmin 3 aye

    Nick FlettNick Flett18 days ago
  • Life as a titan shifter is hard

    Announcer Speaker BoxAnnouncer Speaker Box18 days ago
  • Why isn't there more? Is it because of your "something about"-series? (I totally understand that) ... But ... this is so good. How about other Nintendo Characters in other animes?

    Azubi LPAzubi LP19 days ago
  • i like that its translated

    Top-HatshroomTop-Hatshroom21 day ago
  • the similarities are stunning

    MysticlickMysticlick22 days ago
  • now i'm going to watch the final season of Attack On Titan thinking how would this affect Attack on Pikmin

    Not A Real PersonNot A Real Person22 days ago
  • Red: Get out of.... My ..... HOME!!!!

    James garzilloJames garzillo22 days ago
  • What Blue said in short: You're important to all of us. We need you.

    James garzilloJames garzillo22 days ago
  • White: Stealth.

    James garzilloJames garzillo22 days ago
  • このコラボを思いつくのはすごい

    つぅね↑もぉり↓さぁ↓んつぅね↑もぉり↓さぁ↓ん23 days ago
  • Petition for attack on pikmin 2.5 and/or 3

    kirbykidgamerkirbykidgamer24 days ago
  • Wait the red guy name Kevin?

    Da Janitor_5000Da Janitor_500024 days ago
  • There whould be attack on pikmin 2/1 or atack on pikmin 3

    RoniRasheedahRoniRasheedah24 days ago
  • The saddest part is when he says kugfijesrhbfjejerbbcuydhrbjdhf

    Eli LightEli Light24 days ago
  • unrelated but I can't unsee that blue pikmin (armin)'s chin spells the katakana for "shi" at 1:28 lol

    Guillaume HérouxGuillaume Héroux24 days ago
  • Pikmen: **gibberish** Me: **visible confusion**

    BezboNeedsAnDittoBezboNeedsAnDitto24 days ago
  • Turn on subtitles

    New dudeNew dude24 days ago
  • yo when is the third episode coming out?

    mosasaurusmosasaurus24 days ago
  • Blue is mikasa

    Dr Wolf’s YtDr Wolf’s Yt25 days ago
  • Pt 3 please

    Melissa AhokavaMelissa Ahokava26 days ago
  • I never watched Attack on Titan, but this is beautiful.

    Lil'Sister OceanLil'Sister Ocean27 days ago
  • Why don't we have more of this, or at least another Pikmin animation. It's so epic, even though I haven't watched Attack on Titan. Also, this is what caused his channel to explode, so, yeah.

    emmet jamesemmet james27 days ago
  • This isn’t canon

    Incorrect LifeIncorrect Life28 days ago
  • I felt the part where he said hfhfurhjdjn dhea ossiuhiif

    Xavier_Isaac CastroXavier_Isaac Castro28 days ago
  • Baby’s when they don’t get there way 2:56

    Tomoko OkamotoTomoko Okamoto28 days ago
  • Baby’s when they don’t get there way3:35

    Tomoko OkamotoTomoko Okamoto28 days ago
    • Sorry I messed up

      Tomoko OkamotoTomoko Okamoto28 days ago
  • Baby’s Whalen they don’t get there way 3:35

    Tomoko OkamotoTomoko Okamoto28 days ago
    • sorry I messed up

      Tomoko OkamotoTomoko Okamoto28 days ago
  • Yay mr craves saves the day 2:58

    Tomoko OkamotoTomoko Okamoto29 days ago
  • Me hearing the pikmin is saying eren (a real turkish name and its my name too...): hi little guy

    Glitch_y BoiGlitch_y BoiMonth ago
  • How about attack of Pikmin 3

    Luis GarciaLuis GarciaMonth ago
  • Yea still like MHA Better

    Decimator 517Decimator 517Month ago
  • Good video part 3

    Yanneth VillanuevaYanneth VillanuevaMonth ago
  • bruh lowkey, this is epic as hell

    YeetleTheBeetleYeetleTheBeetleMonth ago

    Tomoko OkamotoTomoko OkamotoMonth ago
  • I like how you say eren!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It so funny

    Joua ChangJoua ChangMonth ago
  • i need a pikmin speedrun animation

    Timothy TaylorTimothy TaylorMonth ago
  • Ah, yes my favorite anime

    XaticalXaticalMonth ago
  • =3

    AlmortisAlmortisMonth ago
  • Why is the red ignoring the blue

    Alexis ColonAlexis ColonMonth ago
  • HOW DO YOU SEE THIS COMMENT also i love you \

    BeeStillLagsBeeStillLagsMonth ago
  • chipmunks radio

    あおならんあおならんMonth ago
  • There needs to be more

    Dude DudeDude DudeMonth ago
  • Ok aunty I just like This

    Joua ChangJoua ChangMonth ago
  • I love AoT and I'm sad today, but this just brightened up my day!

    Cayden LeungCayden LeungMonth ago
  • most epic pikmin have ever been

    Mustache_man7Mustache_man7Month ago
  • Petition for Attack on Pikmin 3 (A reference to the game and the final season of Attack On Titan!)

    Gintaro Sama SajinGintaro Sama SajinMonth ago
  • unironically i find this better than the original, thats probably just me

    Pentagon ManPentagon ManMonth ago

    PhoenixPhoenixMonth ago
  • Blue pikmin:SLICE

    Liss EdministerLiss EdministerMonth ago
  • 0:24 STFU I'm trying to listen sad music

    raymond amstrongraymond amstrongMonth ago
  • The blue one sounds like a animal crossing person

    Rhett The gamerRhett The gamerMonth ago
  • Are we going to get Attack on pikmin 3 before pikmin 4?

    sfo4 5sfo4 5Month ago
  • upload another pikmin attack video

    Giancarlos SotoGiancarlos SotoMonth ago
  • *In squeaky voice* "KEEEEEEVVVVVVIIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!"

    Soge 01Soge 01Month ago
  • Anybody else still waiting for attack on pikmin 3?

    Sam Van Ausdell-WieseSam Van Ausdell-WieseMonth ago

    Yucky Edit TimeYucky Edit TimeMonth ago
  • So... part 3?

    prismoprismoMonth ago
  • When are you making attack on pikmin2.5

    Regina GuinnRegina GuinnMonth ago
  • If you do slow Mo then you hear even

    Alan MartinezAlan MartinezMonth ago
  • Gracias

    Joaquín carvajalJoaquín carvajalMonth ago
  • Blue pikmin speaking actual facts.. my heart is fulfilled

    MarkMarkMonth ago
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