ARMs Animated - Helix steals Spring Man's Cookies for 10 Minutes ファイター

Jun 22, 2017
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I'm uploading this so I can justify writing ARMs off as reference material on my taxes.

Danny and I came up with this goof after playing a few rounds, I doodled our boys bouncin', he painted the backgrounds, then we turned it into this! You should follow him on Twitter and USworlds:
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Remixed M&L Battle Theme by Turret3471:
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  • I always disable adblock on an animator's channel when I sub to them. It's only fair really.

    WhoandwhyWhoandwhy3 years ago
    • Things i saw helix eat: A Gun, The News, Some Yellow Thing, Mother 3, And Finally A Whole Lotta Cookies.

      AustinT241 doesthingsAustinT241 doesthingsYear ago
    • I alaways dont use adblock

      Zorua GamerZorua GamerYear ago
    • 1000th like You welcome

      Seventeen & ToniSeventeen & Toni2 years ago
    • I once had a 7 hour long ad

      Cristopher AndradeCristopher Andrade2 years ago
    • Yeah its always good. Even if your ad is for this

      EarDrummzEarDrummz2 years ago
  • mirror effect at 6:48 eats: gun, 0:37 meme, 2:37 biff, 5:09 mother3 american release, 10:01

    AzrdracoAzrdraco5 days ago
  • Helix ate a gun •__•

    Zzz HumanZzz Human14 days ago
  • What music is playing in background and what game is it from im just curious

    Chavita sonic McQueen and jollibee gamer GonzalezChavita sonic McQueen and jollibee gamer Gonzalez22 days ago
  • 5:09 no, not biff!

  • I was looking for this.

  • Yea so I just wasted 10minutes of my life watching this video seeing if any thing would change

    The ImposterThe ImposterMonth ago
  • When u find out he’s 2

    Silly RookSilly Rook2 months ago
  • 10/10 for a 10 minutes well spent. Was not disappointed.

    Smash Jr.Smash Jr.3 months ago
  • Why

    Sebastian SessaSebastian Sessa3 months ago
  • Mother 3 was the last straw

    Waffle PandaWaffle Panda4 months ago
  • Mother 3 was the last straw for spring man

    Turner ClementsTurner Clements4 months ago
  • Helix is the cookie monster of ARMS.

    Colt CookColt Cook4 months ago
  • He ate the small dude

    SMG8 \\ Musik ProductionsSMG8 \\ Musik Productions4 months ago
  • I watched the whole thing and it omly got better as it continued

    Alexander FuerteAlexander Fuerte4 months ago
  • Hi Terminal montage

    Okthen1213Okthen12134 months ago
  • Huh I can see why this game is so forgettable

    Mark DelavanMark Delavan5 months ago
  • A

    dsw0728dsw07285 months ago
  • this could be a gif!

    Bennett McAllisterBennett McAllister5 months ago
  • 10:07 wasted

    Champsy 2004Champsy 20045 months ago
  • My fav part was when he ate the cookie that one time

    Chicken The Cannibal With Internet AccessChicken The Cannibal With Internet Access5 months ago
  • "The perfect loop doesn't exs-"

    Ya boi JasonYa boi Jason6 months ago
  • How come this is the one Animation of his that I never watched yet!? Only when Minmkm came into smash was when this got recommended.

    Miguel PerezMiguel Perez6 months ago
  • I get very annoyed when I see the slime I just made eat a gun.

  • I am here because of the Min Min release

    Hugo 2004Hugo 20046 months ago
  • Wii sports boxing will be like...

    Brent BatinBrent Batin6 months ago
  • Me before:this will be a waste of my time: Me after: its beautiful,I've looked at this for 5 hours now.

    pichu75 playzpichu75 playz6 months ago
  • Plot twist, that’s not actually Spring Man’s cookie jar!

    Frickin' RumbiFrickin' Rumbi6 months ago
  • Me thinking : Also Me : This is Something About Arms

    YusGTYusGT6 months ago
  • Legends say they’re still fighting till this day...

    eazythedawgeazythedawg6 months ago
  • I clicked without fully reading the title and ended out sitting here for seven minutes before I realized something was up.

    Sparta34 / / The GamerSparta34 / / The Gamer6 months ago
  • new idea min min steals twintells smash invitation for 10 minutes

    that one persona in p5that one persona in p56 months ago
  • Well that was 10min of my life

  • 0:36 Gun

    Sparkling EmolgaSparkling Emolga6 months ago
  • cuts to June 22nd there still fight and then helix steals a smash invitation edit: this aged as well as a fine wine

    thot patrolthot patrol7 months ago
  • why?

    Anant PazAnant Paz7 months ago

    Becky BeckyBecky Becky7 months ago
  • 6:45 messed me up for a sec-

    Becky BeckyBecky Becky7 months ago
  • 5:10 F

    Becky BeckyBecky Becky7 months ago
  • 2:38 teehee

    Becky BeckyBecky Becky7 months ago
  • It took me a minute to realise this was a loop

    Peachy ManPeachy Man7 months ago
  • I seem to have found myself back here

    suresure7 months ago
  • 9:53 So that's what happened to mother 3

    JazyzampJazyzamp7 months ago
  • 5:02 biff look out! Oh no he has air pods!

    JazyzampJazyzamp7 months ago
  • Who watched this whole ten minute video

    AlphaMationAlphaMation7 months ago
  • Become

    Legend-_-LuisLegend-_-Luis7 months ago
  • Spring man has a huge amount of cookies in that -smol- jar

    ꧁Alpha꧂ ._.꧁Alpha꧂ ._.7 months ago
  • And I thought this was just a pointless extension but Jeremy did it again

    Platinum SkullsPlatinum Skulls7 months ago
  • Insanity is doing something over and over again expecting to have different results

    Edmond HuskyRubioEdmond HuskyRubio7 months ago
  • Helix is the best

    Oshabot 16Oshabot 167 months ago
  • 0:36 that's a gun.

    Dr. MixDr. Mix8 months ago
  • I found 6 Easter eggs 1-Helix eats a gun 2-Helix eats a picture of a small man 3-They don’t fight each other for a while 4-Helix eats the mascot 5-The fight goes reverse 6-Helix eats Mother 3 Did I miss any?

    GrizzliesAreDenseGrizzliesAreDense8 months ago
  • 0:38 ...

    Dvon MartinDvon Martin8 months ago
  • He ate a gun

    Wirt [over the garden wall]Wirt [over the garden wall]8 months ago
  • He ate a gun

    Noob The GamerNoob The Gamer8 months ago
  • Why did i watch the whole thing

    Dr snoesDr snoes8 months ago
  • 1 hit and he died

    Party Rentals By GraceParty Rentals By Grace9 months ago
    • Helx Don’t see it he did died for real

      Party Rentals By GraceParty Rentals By Grace9 months ago
  • lol

    Takeru MalamaTakeru Malama9 months ago
  • Funny weird booger vs the virgin Gary

    Francisco CapiFrancisco Capi9 months ago
  • WHY IS HELIX EAT A GUN !!!!!!!!!!

    Adelina AtonducanAdelina Atonducan9 months ago
  • The gun one was my favorite 🤣

    Mighty channel 3Mighty channel 39 months ago
  • This implies that Spring Man has a gun

    J WJ W9 months ago
  • I see that Mother 3....

    JJAllStarz711JJAllStarz7119 months ago
  • Who’s here after Arms in Smash

    JJAllStarz711JJAllStarz7119 months ago

    yeet yeetyeet yeet9 months ago
  • Hey helix, what season of the year are we? Its spring, man...

    Mr. GromboMr. Grombo9 months ago
  • Ok Spring Man! Now you gotta go join Smash as a DLC Fighter!!!

    HKR911HKR9119 months ago
  • For his neutral special, helix eats a *gun.*

    Dr BaconhairDr Baconhair9 months ago
    • Not only that, he begins to eat everything in a 5-10 mile radius

  • Helix eats springman's invite to smash bros Ultimate

    Caleb PulliamCaleb Pulliam9 months ago
  • so... arms in smash

    Kenneth BakerKenneth Baker9 months ago
  • Now Helix needs to do this with the smash invitation

    DTP 26DTP 269 months ago
  • Leaked footage of Spring Man's reveal trailer

    Lord WeegeeLord Weegee9 months ago
  • Helix down B is cookie stealing He steals a cookie off screen and regain health, altough he can only use it 5 times before the jar becomes empty If someone attacks the arm, the cookie drops in stage and becomes a healing item

    Sr. linguiçaSr. linguiça9 months ago
  • I want him in smash!

    Armando JosèArmando Josè9 months ago
  • 0:37 Hey now, why does Spring Man have a gun in there?

    Lego BionicleLego Bionicle10 months ago
    • Arms aren't enough

      Irrelevant CarIrrelevant Car9 months ago
    • It’s also a one shot if done correctly

      Lego BionicleLego Bionicle9 months ago
    • For his neutral special, he wields a G U N

      Lord WeegeeLord Weegee9 months ago
  • 6:54 sneaky

    Z2ObsidionZ2Obsidion10 months ago
  • the screen turnd around

    Jacob TorresJacob Torres11 months ago
  • Just a cookie jar full of random crap

    Kiara ships everything and makes ocsKiara ships everything and makes ocs11 months ago
  • Did anyone else notice that he ate a gun?

    Roger DadRoger Dad11 months ago
  • I just love the arms that I have on my arms

    El waton PiolaEl waton PiolaYear ago
  • I like Ristar Song

    David ClarkeDavid ClarkeYear ago
  • 0:29 Helix eats a gun O_O 2:29 Helix eats some sort of picture or meme =T 5:01 Helix eats a tiny yellow guy who tries to escape his grasp *Helix u monster* =( 6:43 the screen flips temporarily =/ 9:52 Helix eats Spring Man's only copy of Mother 3 *le cri* =( 10:05 Spring Man falcon punch Helix in the gut and wins *Dat sweet de-de-delicious revenge*

    nuno pereznuno perezYear ago
  • Thank god for comments or i would’ve left

    R AR AYear ago
  • RIP Arms

    Unknow0059Unknow0059Year ago
    • @Neoxon Nah, it's RIP. It's nice that Woolie played it recently though.

      Unknow0059Unknow00599 months ago
    • Or so you thought

      NeoxonNeoxon9 months ago
  • Um... Hi

    Crazy CatsieYTCrazy CatsieYTYear ago
    • I'll try tommorow

      Crazy CatsieYTCrazy CatsieYTYear ago
    • Idk i think peeps still play.

      Crazy CatsieYTCrazy CatsieYTYear ago
    • @Crazy CatsieYT Aah. I see. Do people still play ARMS? I thought Nintendo stopped the servers or something.

      Unknow0059Unknow0059Year ago
    • @Unknow0059 i liked it when i was 7 the year AFTER it came out before i didnt know what it was until next year when i got it.

      Crazy CatsieYTCrazy CatsieYTYear ago
    • you mean, when you were six? if you're Eight years old in 2019 and you were Seven when you loved Arms (which came out in 2017), then you were actually Six, not Seven.

      Unknow0059Unknow0059Year ago
  • 耐久?

    小松絵理子小松絵理子Year ago
  • I just realized... helix... lord helix... *ALL HAIL LORD HELIX* (this is a pokemon reference)

    Z Man17Z Man17Year ago
  • 4:18

    Aurelio GonzálezAurelio GonzálezYear ago
  • :l 2:34

    snivygamer45 oofsnivygamer45 oofYear ago
  • Why

    FuryFireXYZFuryFireXYZYear ago
  • 3

    imyourfather75imyourfather75Year ago
  • This channel is probably the only channel where i watch the ads fully

    Naief The goonyNaief The goonyYear ago
  • My favorite part was when helix stole spring mans cookies.

    Cranberry GamingCranberry GamingYear ago
    • Why do I smell someone about to get wooshed?

      James WESTONJames WESTONYear ago
  • That one gun tho

    Maximum ForceMaximum ForceYear ago
  • 5:17 spring man: oh no nooooooooooooooooooo

    Dvon MartinDvon MartinYear ago
  • 5:05 gun god eat

    Dvon MartinDvon MartinYear ago
  • 5:18 😱

    Dvon MartinDvon MartinYear ago
  • Remember this game is 2 years old

    Bugster LincapoopBugster LincapoopYear ago
  • *it took me a while to realize it was a loop*

    Bucciarati the amazingBucciarati the amazingYear ago
  • Man it's need 10 hours virson

    failurebutepicfailurebutepicYear ago