[Animatic] Thomas Sanders Animated (Collab w/ Butch Hartman)

Nov 4, 2017
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Earlier this year Butch Hartman and Thomas Sanders did a little youtube collab thing. In it, Thomas wanted a short animation, so after Butch designed him and his other selves I animated it.
You can see their videos here:

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The music at the end is Flubbo and Loony Boy's Theme from Rugrats.

  • It surprises me that you did a collab with Butch Hartman!

    PorkoPorko3 years ago

      PikaZ 96PikaZ 962 years ago
    • You should get Butch to help make you get a TV show better yet you guys should make one together!!! And please never let it end!!!!!! With amazing puns, breaking the 4th wall and whole bunch of 80's-90's pop culture references!!!! I would watch it! For some reason I think you would like the show Psych.

      Quantum ImpulseQuantum Impulse3 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] OH MA GAWD really!!! That's so cool man!!!!!

      Quantum ImpulseQuantum Impulse3 years ago
    • Well, it surprised me to find a comment from him on a video from Butch!

      NicolasDDJNicolasDDJ3 years ago
    • Surprising!

      PorkoPorko3 years ago
  • Well uh (takes a look at butch Hartman as of recently) this hasn’t aged too well

    Joe BartholomewJoe Bartholomew3 months ago
  • xd

    GoatGod AJGoatGod AJ3 months ago
  • Jeremy: exists Butch: F R I E N D S H I P

    Hannah KiwiHannah Kiwi5 months ago
  • To anyone who doesn’t know Main character: Thomas The prince dude: Roman The guy with donuts: Patton The guy with a tie: Logan The flying one: Virgil

    Weird SnekWeird Snek6 months ago

    Weird SnekWeird Snek6 months ago
  • thinkin bout how butch has fallen from grace

    Kevin NavasKevin Navas6 months ago
  • 2345689

    Orlando RaipillanOrlando Raipillan7 months ago
  • wow just WOW!!!! with butch 👀👀 good for you 😲

    Sana tSana t7 months ago
  • Looking at the older videos and I'm thinking... *remember when you did the thing with the robot and played games like paper mario? What happened to that Jeremy this is important tell me*

    SeasonedSeasoned7 months ago
  • Barely

    Legend-_-LuisLegend-_-Luis7 months ago
  • サムネが某ガールズで草

    YU STYU ST9 months ago
  • what a privlege

    Versatile GlassesVersatile Glasses10 months ago
  • It sucks how you weren’t mentioned at all.

    #One Gamer#One Gamer11 months ago
    • Thomas probably didn't know because he always goes to lengths to credit others and by what it says in the description, only Butch had direct contact with Thomas Knowing what we do now about Butch it wouldn't surprise me

      Max WolfeMax Wolfe2 months ago
  • 0:39 Everybody when someone mentions Billie Eillish:

    Milk DudMilk DudYear ago
  • Cuando decían que las animaciones perdieron la gracia se equivocavan. porque animaciones como esta son realmente entretenidas. Siempre adelante 👏

    marcelo javiermarcelo javierYear ago
  • Me at 3 Am: 0:51

    GayPotato UwUGayPotato UwUYear ago
  • Show your face

    Neriman NurselNeriman NurselYear ago
  • what i like about the animation is that its funny, and the fact virgal was floating throuhout the whole thing, *and that roman caught virgal* 0:42 :3 good job

    Tepcymagic•w•Tepcymagic•w•Year ago
  • I didn’t know you animated that!

    #One Gamer#One GamerYear ago
  • How come they didn't credit you? I saw this and then the video it starred in... But there's no mention of you :(

    PurifiedShadowsPurifiedShadowsYear ago
  • Love it

    Payton winter paw 124Payton winter paw 124Year ago
  • Anyone else see an older Timmy turner from Fairly Odd Parents? I remember when I was little I watched it all the time and this art style reminded me of it lol

    Erm HiErm HiYear ago
  • 漂うtrollFaceQuest感

    チャンネルカズっちチャンネルカズっちYear ago
  • Hey look it's timmy's cousin

    Narcotic23Narcotic23Year ago
  • Could be a Ex-nick employee

    Soldier1287Soldier1287Year ago
  • wait.. u did a collab nice

    Jir4chiJir4chiYear ago
  • WHY!

    Robo Fan3000Robo Fan3000Year ago
  • 0:11 pause at the right time

    Skid The Skeleton BoiSkid The Skeleton BoiYear ago
  • Is Thomas Sanders Burnie Sanders' son?

    Boudtrout EPIC AnimationsBoudtrout EPIC AnimationsYear ago
  • Thomas Sanders? Oh...it is lol I didn’t read the title

    Yeet thefeetYeet thefeetYear ago
  • I didn’t know you animated this? I love this episode!

    Makenna ArmstrongMakenna ArmstrongYear ago
  • 0:15 The likes are for him to do a something about sonic the hedgehog.

    Marlon WilliamsonMarlon WilliamsonYear ago
  • _"Ah bruddah"_

    Hugh JanusHugh JanusYear ago
  • So this is the man behind it all... I've been subbed to you all this time and I never knew this??? Wow I feel bad now ;-;

    Hugh JanusHugh JanusYear ago
  • Wow... That was cool

    Dylan MoulthropDylan MoulthropYear ago
  • Waaaaaaaaait. You did that one Thomas Sanders video? Wow.

    SamsonatorSamsonatorYear ago
  • I knew I heard that name b4

    Tailsisswagg XDTailsisswagg XDYear ago
  • The hero we all need

    JustAFellowJustAFellow2 years ago
  • T I M M Y T U R N E R W H A T H A P P E N E D

    Cracking A. JokeCracking A. Joke2 years ago

    Punk RatPunk Rat2 years ago
  • Am I the only one that hates Butch's animation/style?

    GeniusGTGeniusGT2 years ago
  • "Man My skin is a lot smoother like this!" Maybe it's because your LITERALLY textureless, you know.... 2D. 😁

    ToadboydudeToadboydude2 years ago
  • Woah you animated it-

    The Grimmful TroupeThe Grimmful Troupe2 years ago
  • Now I can watch the video again knowing you did it!

    WillWramblesWillWrambles2 years ago
  • Thomas looks like someone else from a cartoon But I can't put my finger on it

    CHILLIN / S.L.MCHILLIN / S.L.M2 years ago
  • Terminal Montage X Butch Hartman X Thomas Sanders!

    Duwang KingDuwang King2 years ago

    common_inconveniencecommon_inconvenience2 years ago
  • I have the feeling that you repent doing this whenever you look back at it... I have absolutely no idea why, but it just goes trough my skin like that.

    Divine PresenceDivine Presence2 years ago
  • Wait I thought butch Hartman made the....animation..... SUBSCRIBE METER:999999999!!

    Kevin RodriguezKevin Rodriguez2 years ago

    haloismshaloisms2 years ago
  • The ppg reference at the end tho 👌👌

    Cute Creepers 2Cute Creepers 22 years ago
  • M

    kaizokaizo2 years ago
  • Oh brother

    Julez minalJulez minal3 years ago
  • You should've made him a train

    River ZowskiRiver Zowski3 years ago
  • !

  • .... You did a Colab with butch Hartman??? Damn, you've really gotten far. I congratulate you to a bright future.

    Michael CrespoMichael Crespo3 years ago
  • Bro watch the dance till your dead video so that we can start this shit.

    diego blancodiego blanco3 years ago
  • Is it wrong to be aroused by your voice?

    eegseegs3 years ago
  • 0:10 SHUT UP!

    Pato SensualPato Sensual3 years ago
  • I *DONUT* wanna have that happen again!

    DiconDicon3 years ago
  • Wow, look at you rubbing elbows with Titans like Butch Hartman. I'm so proud of you :)

    Ashman792Ashman7923 years ago
  • Easy.

    soldier660soldier6603 years ago
  • You and butch have been making cool stuff. Always fun to see animatics

    veselekovveselekov3 years ago
  • 0:17 The donuts acting like Sonic's rings was a nice touch. 0:39 "Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself."

    NDSPCgamerNDSPCgamer3 years ago
  • Noice

    LuingusLuingus3 years ago
  • This is amazing

    Mobius10000Mobius100003 years ago
  • I'm looking at the original piece. Why were you not credited at all??? That sucks.

    Charlie McShaneCharlie McShane3 years ago
    • Don’t know

      AR FilmsAR Films5 months ago

    PJ fairweatherPJ fairweather3 years ago
  • Cool and good!

    danos devlindanos devlin3 years ago
  • Since when was this guy involved in an American version of Osumatsu-san?

    Doug LewisDoug Lewis3 years ago
  • Wat

    BunkteriamonsterBunkteriamonster3 years ago
    • Yes

      SKILLS POW3RSKILLS POW3R2 years ago
  • Butch Hartman is awesome, but i have to admit he has that dad trying hard to be one of the fellow kids vibe going on.

    GinoyGinoy3 years ago
    • Something about that makes me love him more

      Lord ScoutLord Scout3 years ago
  • Amazing as usual

    ProTayToe GamerProTayToe Gamer3 years ago
  • You didn't even get any credit in the video, the hell is up with that man?

    The Cats MeowThe Cats Meow3 years ago
    • Well if ya want to put it that way suuure, I'd say you still deserve some credit! Your work is fantastic

      The Cats MeowThe Cats Meow3 years ago
  • Yeahea Butch the cartoon legend. XD

    Philip J. Fry IIPhilip J. Fry II3 years ago
  • Best collab ever. I would totally watch this as series.

    Kaisar GarcíaKaisar García3 years ago
  • He used his whole minute wisely

    TroyTroy3 years ago
  • This reminds me a lot of fairly odd parents extremely the art style Edit: yeah, whatever I didn't know that he worked on fairly odd parents....

    A silly old ManA silly old Man3 years ago
    • he what

      Xander T. M.Xander T. M.Month ago
    • Man you are such A silly old Man

      Sleepy SharkSleepy Shark3 years ago
    • I wonder why

      Nerdy GamerNerdy Gamer3 years ago
  • You just Butchered my Heartman

    CrashBandicootFan100CrashBandicootFan1003 years ago
    • Spock Is not impressed.

      Lego GuyLego Guy5 months ago
    • Nopunintedo is proud

      JazyzampJazyzamp9 months ago
    • Haha *YES*

      BreezyBirdBreezyBirdYear ago
    • *Patton is proud*

      Mary WhitmanMary WhitmanYear ago

      AckAck2 years ago
  • This Is Hilarious

    FalconFalcon3 years ago
  • Can’t believe you made this vid! I totally thought that it was Butches full work... congrats!!!

    BluBlu3 years ago
  • U N N E C E S S A R Y V I O L E N C E

    Fuego RexFuego Rex3 years ago
    • *Seems about right.*

      Mary WhitmanMary WhitmanYear ago
    • My favorite.

      Mr. OriginalMr. OriginalYear ago
    • Fuego Rex VIDEO REMOVED

      FalconFalcon3 years ago
  • My love for you grows everyday!

    Adrian RubioAdrian Rubio3 years ago
  • I wish I could do that, and break the 4th wall everytime I do so.

    Everyone deserves a second chanceEveryone deserves a second chance3 years ago
  • Holy cow you did a thing with Butch Hartman awesome.

    Dead Batter3yDead Batter3y3 years ago
  • THIS WAS AWESOME!! You guys should collab again XD

    BradynAnimates IIIBradynAnimates III3 years ago
  • Early

    JoomJoom3 years ago

    PredTheMedPredTheMed3 years ago
  • What the fuck

    BlippyBlippy3 years ago
  • Sup

    the monkethe monke3 years ago
  • Woah This Is Amazing Great Work! 👍🏻

    Skullboy 345Skullboy 3453 years ago