[Animatic] The Worst Monster Of Them All

Jun 11, 2015
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Animatic! Took about 4 or 5 days. The final video usworlds.info/slow/video/bHaAiHi7jpydon8 took like a month and a half of sickening nonstop work :D
Done in Adobe Flash CS5.5 (arguably the worst version of Flash) with a Cintiq 12wx. I did a little bit of it on my Slate 7 during a flight too, I bought my Slate just so I could do that and tell people.

  • lol realy

    hellen zubaczhellen zubaczMonth ago
  • No way i saw video this video years ago and idk this was made by you πŸ‘Œ job dude

    Le Gang Des PigeonsLe Gang Des Pigeons2 months ago
  • 1:30 I like how she just ignores the fact that the man she's currently talking to probably got a concussion because of s shrim

    GlasGlasYear ago
  • That’s me πŸ™ƒ

    Just AnimeJust AnimeYear ago
  • Donde quedo el video original :"v

    Jose Roberto MedinaJose Roberto MedinaYear ago

    Rize UpRize Up4 years ago
  • is there a joke i missed or something?

    SaltbucketSaltbucket4 years ago
    • Konchu, a small creature in Monster Hunter. It's only purpose is to annoy you by interrupting your mission

      Charles ManaryCharles Manary4 years ago
  • Please make one for monster hunter generations.

    Jonathan PatinoJonathan Patino4 years ago
  • Guildmarm gives no shits. XD

    Strix182Strix1824 years ago
  • yes. they are. I hate them SOOO MUCH!!! They ruin EVERYTHING.

    Aidan CrossAidan Cross5 years ago
  • 1:29 Guildmarm doesn't give a single fuq

    Dalai AnkhbayarDalai Ankhbayar5 years ago
  • I remember one of the major content makers for youtube being asked why they switched to doing lets plays over doing their extremely popular animations. They told them that the length of time required to do a single animation was insanely long and could only put out 1-2 every few months. They mentioned that Major companies were wanting to advertise on channels that could put out more content on a regular basis. With that happening, They said it just doesn't pay like it used to when it comes to animations.

    Aikarion R.Aikarion R.5 years ago
  • Why being mad at konchu when they can give you free armor sphere?

    LegoBoBpathLegoBoBpath5 years ago
  • *Konchu!* ...oh, bless me. You just got a new fan by the way; I like your style and the themes!

    J. W.J. W.5 years ago
    • Don't mention!

      J. W.J. W.5 years ago
    • Ohhh wait no! You're this guy! I've seen your stuff before! Well! This was a good find.

      J. W.J. W.5 years ago
  • Never player Monster Hunter... but this is so damn cute! how can you be mad at that? :3

    Lone KnightLone Knight5 years ago
  • What programs are you using to make these videos ...I rely like to know .....love you vids watched it 8 times already ahahha nice animation just rely wanna know what programs or software you use to make it ..pls respond

    chumbo 21chumbo 215 years ago
    • whoah that took alot. more like you publish a single cartoon in tvs hahah (my hats off to you sir good work)

      chumbo 21chumbo 215 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] another question ...how much time do you take to make these videos I mean editting and drawing must have been long time ?

      chumbo 21chumbo 215 years ago
  • I just love seeing how you start out with your animations! I just do :P. I would love to play some MH4U now.

    M.M.M.M.5 years ago
  • I love these kinds of animations with quickly changing camera angles, I'm getting started with animation and I'd love some tutorials/ quick explanations of how you animate an animatic and those kinds of things :3

    Molgerax ProductionsMolgerax Productions5 years ago
  • Hi, I recently checked out your stuff. I have a request. I was wondering if you guys could make an animated intro for my channel. I can give you more details, but I wanted to see if you'd be up for doing it.

    Just AlyxJust Alyx5 years ago
  • I love the art style beacuse you can relate it not only to monster hunter, but also to your personal signature. good job!

    Juan MedinaJuan Medina5 years ago
  • Wow, you are amazingly good!! Thanks for the videos ^^

    Excess RakdosExcess Rakdos5 years ago
  • Konchu, Bnahabra, Remobra- the most annoying monsters of them all, lol

    Nicey NiceyNicey Nicey5 years ago
  • The konchu's eyes only see fire in the beginning

    Nathan BarbeeNathan Barbee5 years ago
  • dancing shrimp is best shrimp

    legomanic1legomanic15 years ago
  • Yes just what I wanted to see this stuff helps a lot thanks Jeremy!

    LJ EasterlingLJ Easterling5 years ago
  • The bullfango's spirit lives on.

    MezmemoreMezmemore5 years ago
  • yknow, i'd like to think the wee bugger is actualy completely blamless. it just so happens one hunter kicked one from one map to another as a joke, it hit a hunter, who kicked it it in rage along with a few other ones in the immediate area, and now the poor things are being launched from hunter to hunter and are extreemly confused.

    albertjesteralbertjester5 years ago
  • I love the shrimp tempura animation as much as I do the Konchu

    EshyEshy5 years ago
  • This gives me cancer how hard it is to animate such quality like this and the final video. I don't have the patience to learn how to animate. Seriously, this is still amazing! Keep up the good work!

    Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!5 years ago
  • 0:40 Vaguely penis shaped now that I think bout it

    DefinitelyNotKuroDefinitelyNotKuro5 years ago
  • As someone who is learning to animate these are so amazing to watch! One question though, do you use smoothing on your lines? And if so how much?

    NickkNickk5 years ago
  • Love your work TerminalMontage, keep it up!

    KankooroKankooro5 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] No, thank you! I remember finding your channel 3 years ago. Since then you have improved in many ways. I look forward to see what more you got for us.

      KankooroKankooro5 years ago
  • I love how the konchu looked like shrimp before they were fully animated.

    MaywithaswordMaywithasword5 years ago
  • Hi Jeremy

    Carlos BonillaCarlos Bonilla5 years ago
  • That god damn Konchu dance. I love it. And the guild girl doesn't give a fuck.

    TuschiTuschi5 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] It's good the way it is but it would have definitely added to the comedy of the whole thing.

      TuschiTuschi5 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] it's nice like that just make her blink slowly or something

      Dopamine CloudDopamine Cloud5 years ago
  • i can watch this a million times

    Milk MilkMilk Milk5 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] k

      Milk MilkMilk Milk5 years ago
  • You should do viewer hunts some times :) Id love to join

    RaGiNgBaNaNa101RaGiNgBaNaNa1015 years ago
  • Looks like shrimp tempura

    callmesugoicallmesugoi5 years ago
  • I like the kochu's diabolic eyes at 0:27 :3 It fits its nature.

    gargoyleexgargoyleex5 years ago
  • I'm glad you didn't go with the fire in it's eyes. It's funnier if they appear super cute or just oblivious to how annoying they are.

    Top PupperanianTop Pupperanian5 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] The little leg wiggle was perfect. I sware to god I don't know if I can even be mad at them. You made Konchus look so cute and innocent. X3

      FishFreakFishFreak5 years ago
  • Wow! your animatics are more animated than a lot of youtubers' finished cartoons. Nice!

    Mike BedsoleMike Bedsole5 years ago
  • Freaking love this animation. I'm not the kind of person that normally needs to see animatics/behind the scenes stuff, but any excuse to watch this cartoon again is a good one in my book. BRB, watching the final version again.

    Rachel RuthRachel Ruth5 years ago
  • UNDER 301 YES!! Also awesome video!

    ClassyDragonClassyDragon5 years ago
  • Odori ebi!!

    wamken619wamken6195 years ago