[Animatic] Super Adventure Box

Mar 16, 2017
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Here's the process of my SAB animation! I made the animatic in like 2 days, the following 8 days I did the line art and colored it as I went, then tinkered with the mosaic effect in After Effects, then added a Red Giant Universe VHS beta effect on top of that.
But then I uploaded the video and realized I didn't like how the VHS filter changed Zenelly's blue armor, but it's too late I can't fix it unless I reupload the video.In youtube's video editor I raised the saturation 2 points and I think it made it a little better, but oh well. I guess it looks fine when not being compared to other muted blues, because in the final thing every other color is also kind of muted.. SEE THE FINAL PROJECT HERE: usworlds.info/slow/video/e3pkgqO3pGiAaZ0

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  • A lot of people glosh over the fact that Jeremy is actually a really good artist.

    Artman 2004Artman 2004Month ago

    Joe SchmoeJoe Schmoe3 months ago
  • black mage + geno + mega man =

    GlasGlasYear ago

    Kayla AbuyuanKayla AbuyuanYear ago
  • Nice!! guild wars 2 player? And keep the good work up

    ChrisChrisYear ago
  • Literally the first comment in 2019

    Cookiez' CartoonsCookiez' CartoonsYear ago
    • @TerminalMontage u welcome 😊

      Cookiez' CartoonsCookiez' CartoonsYear ago
  • Can you pretty please do a undertale animation

    Robert WarrenRobert Warren2 years ago
  • VHS Effects are what make things good. I love the Moisac filter! The VHS makes this video retro!

    SamanimationsSamanimations2 years ago
  • What program you use for animated?

    Edd ManEdd Man3 years ago
  • you have like for ninja gaiden music in the end game of my childhood... and many traumas!

    bigwhiteshogunbigwhiteshogun3 years ago
  • When do we get a full behind the scenes animation workflow video? :3

    Alpha8Alpha83 years ago
  • How much effort did you put into your lineart knowing it would just be pixilated in the end?

    Leocario shinyLeocario shiny3 years ago
  • credits full song pls!?

    TehDankWolfTehDankWolf3 years ago
  • I just wish this came just on the week for SAB (re)release. Or what about another animation at that week? ;)

    IzuZXIzuZX3 years ago
  • You know how you do the attack on pikmin do a Sword Art Hyrule

    Grand Hero22Grand Hero223 years ago
  • This is really cool! I didnt know there was a filter that makes your lineart all picelly I assumed you did it like that from scratch!

    BasilBasil3 years ago
  • In only 8 days... Stunning! Awesome job!

    Philip J. Fry IIPhilip J. Fry II3 years ago
  • I remember like a few years ago my friends and I all went to Rata Sum (the bank area at the center) and had a dance party with all the Asura (we were Asura too) and one of them was dressed like Vivi from FF9. You're little dude here in the animation reminded me of that Asura. I still listen to the Adventure box music, it's pretty nice. Hope they continue to work on it.

    GreedyKGreedyK3 years ago
  • This makes me have so much more appreciation for your work

    chrisizherechrisizhere3 years ago

    Dan XmasDan Xmas3 years ago
  • You excited SAB is coming back in like 2 weeks?!

    TheReaLFrankageTheReaLFrankage3 years ago
  • Amazing! Your style is so good!

    Leo HatsLeo Hats3 years ago
  • This is pretty cool! I didnt realize there were two filters over it till now.

    Mega FudgeMega Fudge3 years ago
  • This is awesome! man I have a long way before I can animate like this!

    DMGDMG3 years ago
  • Wish you kept the slightly tilted sun in 0:37 and the Genie looking at the character rather than at the viewer. 0:34 :P I think this is super cool either way. Took me abit to notice what the Mosaic filter did.

    MadalovinMadalovin3 years ago
    • Same

      Ellie NugentEllie Nugent3 months ago
  • Dude this is amazing! You are my inspiration!

    NixionicNixionic3 years ago
  • So cool!