[Animatic] Splatoon 2 - Why do the Jellyfish touch the floor?

Aug 12, 2017
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Here's a bit of insight into my process for the Splatoon Short. This isn't normally how I do this, but this is just how I did it this time. It was also my first time making an entire project in Animate CC! You can see the finished animation here: usworlds.info/slow/video/d5-MeaWrfmmZjKk&ab_channel=TerminalMontage%5BJeremey%5D
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Sidney - Henrik Olsson courtesy of EpidemicSound!
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    Derrt776 PlaysDerrt776 Plays4 months ago
  • Jellyfish don’t touch the floor if you look closely they touch water and then they drink from their hand

    Sebastian VDKSebastian VDK5 months ago
  • This really took a left turn...

    YesYes5 months ago
  • I really liked it because it's from SPLATOON 2

    damian quevedodamian quevedo6 months ago
  • I liked it so much because it's sp

    damian quevedodamian quevedo6 months ago
  • u done good

    Stev Carbajal MartinezStev Carbajal Martinez6 months ago
  • If you look closely at the concrete part you can see the shells

    Regular boyRegular boy6 months ago
  • the funny Where

    Carmelo EdwardsCarmelo Edwards7 months ago
  • huummm, I'm no artist but it's interesting to see how animation works

    Sana tSana t7 months ago
  • But Inklings aren’t shellfish. Neither are the jellies.

    WideMouthWideMouth8 months ago
  • I like the music.

    Nicholas ShannonNicholas Shannon9 months ago
  • I will never play splatoon 2 the same again

    Blob the GamerBlob the Gamer9 months ago
  • 2:25 making shure nobody sees that you're floating above the ground like a ghost.

    LylacorLylacor9 months ago
  • Pretty cool A recommendation for the future is Mario maker 2 campaign Love your work! Keep it up!!

    Big BumBig Bum11 months ago
  • :V woah!

    Codename L-bravoCodename L-bravo11 months ago
  • Like si no entendiste

    GR CGR C11 months ago
  • 0:30 jellyfish:me toucha the ground but l mean toucha in the oyster shell

  • Thank you so much for sharing this! It's inspiring and helped me in my animation projects.

    Prawn PastePrawn PasteYear ago
  • 2:53 WERS MY LEGS

    Jaden nai Navarro saechaoJaden nai Navarro saechaoYear ago
  • I’m standing on corpses...... Seems legit.

    JelloFruitIsADeadMemeJelloFruitIsADeadMemeYear ago
  • Dude that dark thats very dark

    *•Blanket Boi•**•Blanket Boi•*Year ago
  • I thinl the jellyfish is depressed

    Bella_PlayzBella_PlayzYear ago
  • La voz de la inkling y la musica me tranquiliza

    piñitaXDpiñitaXDYear ago
  • That song was very relaxing

    Lanias JohnsonLanias JohnsonYear ago
  • Cual es el nombre de la cancion?

    piñitaXDpiñitaXDYear ago
  • Hmm, yeah, the door here is made out of floor

    Scp-682 Hard-to-destroy ReptileScp-682 Hard-to-destroy ReptileYear ago
  • 0:46 “Hello Inkling! It is I, *CLOYSTER-CEMENT* or, *ur dead sis/bro*”

    MaskedKokichiMaskedKokichiYear ago

    BG10 ProductionsBG10 ProductionsYear ago
    • 😎😊😎😚😍😙😎😆🤗😗🤗😙🤗😚😂😍😍😊😙🙂🤨🙂😋😘😉😎😙🙂😶😑🤗☺😍😉😍😶🤨😐🤗😋🤗😊🙂😶😙🙄🤨🙄😚

      BG10 ProductionsBG10 ProductionsYear ago

    Gaia MinicucciGaia MinicucciYear ago
  • Where’s my links I want my links I went in the description

    Thalia YajamaThalia YajamaYear ago

    Rachel AwkwardRachel AwkwardYear ago
  • Because gravity.

    Depressed Shooting StarDepressed Shooting StarYear ago
  • the music is bloody loud

    AsherThomAsherThomYear ago

    Русский ДодикРусский ДодикYear ago
  • I still feel stupid

    ハ嵐マハ嵐マYear ago
  • heh

    AandwrcAandwrcYear ago
  • *Oof*

    Ice Cream CatIce Cream CatYear ago
  • The floor is lava

    SERG10SERG102 years ago
  • This felt... bizarre

    Verticom 1Verticom 12 years ago

    mr pringlesmr pringles2 years ago
  • I am a squid.

    Blooper.Blooper.2 years ago
    • But not a kid.

      Blooper.Blooper.2 years ago
  • Oh it’s already in the process of making

    Engie Is very N I C EEngie Is very N I C E2 years ago
  • 0o0

    Trash BagTrash Bag2 years ago
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    U TuU Tu2 years ago
  • Ami me gusta el juego la legenda de zelda breat of the wild

    Martin MaldonadoMartin Maldonado2 years ago
  • Can you do more tutorial type things like this? I'm trying to get into animation

    ButternnifeButternnife2 years ago
    • Nice to hear!

      ButternnifeButternnife2 years ago

    liliana emblaliliana embla2 years ago
  • I wish more animators did videos like this one :o

    MelloCelloMelloCello2 years ago
  • You are standing on the corpses of your dead brothers and sisters was hilarious

    S h o r t sS h o r t s2 years ago
  • this is why i turn off my adblock

    Catte OfficialCatte Official2 years ago
  • Went you think about it, we touch the videos...are we the jellyfish

    Sonicstar64Sonicstar642 years ago
  • *hmmmmmmm*

    KakkikouliKakkikouli2 years ago
  • Whoever the fuck did the japanese translations used google translate

    KuhakuOreoKuhakuOreo2 years ago
  • 😋

    Kirby FoxKirby Fox2 years ago
  • With the music, it make it seem like there's a darker and deeper story hiding within the dark black heart of the story, the heart that seems hollow but is actually hiding the secret truths exposing the even deeper truths, making us closer to god, by revealing those truths.

    TofuPooTofuPoo2 years ago
    • Anybody remember the double king?

      TofuPooTofuPoo2 years ago

    Rameen NoodleRameen Noodle2 years ago
  • [intense base sound]

    alli r-halli r-h2 years ago
  • I love how the HUH!? Its still guerra.

    someonesomeone3 years ago
  • I'd like to see a cut-by-cut analysis video exploring the symbolic and thematic implications.

    A Small BabbyA Small Babby3 years ago
  • What??

    Vicente 125Vicente 1253 years ago
  • I perfer this music than the other soundtrack from the original and amazing animation

    DudeBear 0DudeBear 03 years ago
  • 2:43 HowToBasic CONFIRMED for Splatoon.

    Dylan P.Dylan P.3 years ago
  • How much does the tablet cost Because one day I would like to animate it's my dream

    GreenGreen3 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] Thanks I'll keep that in Mind

      GreenGreen3 years ago
  • Im just the guy who dosent know a thing about animation and can only draw on a peice of paper

    Risky PebbsRisky Pebbs3 years ago
  • that was really cool.... explaining your process like that... that's awesome....

    Stephen HarveyStephen Harvey3 years ago
  • Wait did Disney make this

    BrokenledpencilBrokenledpencil3 years ago
  • hey attack on pikmin?

    ZhangZhang3 years ago
  • I found out what they are touching in game! Puddles!!...but they seem to be having a, um, "moment" with it. >///>

    Razor VolareRazor Volare3 years ago
  • Woah Man.. Tippy..

    Weather ReportWeather Report3 years ago
  • wtf

    doctor sexdoctor sex3 years ago
  • The jellyfish touch the ground because they are eating something, if you watch they move their hand back and forth for a bit and then they suck it in, Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I think

    ThisIsMysticThisIsMystic3 years ago
  • So you have splatoon2?:00 Can we switch friends codes so we can play together? :0 It would be super cool!

    QuelFiglioIlleggittimo FraC-Jon_e_CincioQuelFiglioIlleggittimo FraC-Jon_e_Cincio3 years ago
    • Me to!!i

      D6D63 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] also if I will one day find you, will you accept my friend request? :0

      QuelFiglioIlleggittimo FraC-Jon_e_CincioQuelFiglioIlleggittimo FraC-Jon_e_Cincio3 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] *playing billions of matches on splatoon2 to find terminal intensificates*

      QuelFiglioIlleggittimo FraC-Jon_e_CincioQuelFiglioIlleggittimo FraC-Jon_e_Cincio3 years ago
  • i LOVE YOUR WORK DUDE and im here animatin stickmans :,C

    DiabetusMaximus2DiabetusMaximus23 years ago
  • Now we take a look at the jelly who made history!

    Quote BalrogQuote Balrog3 years ago
  • Everyone type alex is a stupid Squigger in chat

    FunkyKongoBongoFunkyKongoBongo3 years ago
  • So exciting to watch this video!

    Cally JonathanCally Jonathan3 years ago
  • [Monotone voice] Splatty what is cement made out of

    JoshFileJoshFile3 years ago
  • All we need is the face at the end for this video

    SammerySammery3 years ago
  • what if the jellyfish touches the floor to absorb jeremy's vast amount of knowledge of the universe?

    mike edelenbosmike edelenbos3 years ago
  • I don't really have the game, so i'm looking for footage of the jellyfish touching the floor. Idk... I think it would be interesting to watch.

    BrodbrodyBrodbrody3 years ago
  • Been trying out adobe animate recently and one problem I've been running into is that whenever I recycle mouth movements or frames in the time line (not as an graphic or movie clip), the manual timeline scrolling becomes sluggish, making it harder to quickly go to each specific part of the timeline quickly to copy and past frames, specifically by dragging specific ones by holding down the alt button. Whats weird is that this problem doesn't occur for other projects I've opened (one of them was previously done in CS3, which also never encountered the issue in that program). Anyone here encounter this issue and/or got any work arounds to avoid the slowdown?

    Joe'sShockingToonsJoe'sShockingToons3 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] thanks! I'll definitely try that out for other projects being done on flash/animate

      Joe'sShockingToonsJoe'sShockingToons3 years ago
  • I like this look behind the scenes, that was so informative. I know almost nothing about animation, I learned a lot from this.

    Raye BugRaye Bug3 years ago
  • The secret behind the secret touch

    Fluted GuyFluted Guy3 years ago
  • Cool! I hope that I can animate just as well as you one day!

    MagicfulMikiMyishaMagicfulMikiMyisha3 years ago
  • I have no interest in animation whatsoever but this video is just too well made

    bottomtextbottomtext3 years ago
  • *(intense quite bass sound)*

    KozaKuraaKozaKuraa3 years ago
  • Thanks for the step-by-step breakdown, dude. Love dark humor. 👏

    EnragedSephirothEnragedSephiroth3 years ago
  • Maybe if I do a normal comment he won't like it

    Mightygamez pw gamingMightygamez pw gaming3 years ago

      Mightygamez pw gamingMightygamez pw gaming3 years ago
  • *H E Y M A N*

    Elmore EvansElmore Evans3 years ago
  • Your name is jeremey. Your USworlds name is TerminalMontage. I'm calling ya JerminalMontage now :D

    Alex FAlex F3 years ago
  • Okay, it's official! This thing is now a three episode series! Is it possible to get a fourth episode?

    TheDragon096-2TheDragon096-23 years ago
  • Going back to the original video and knowing their is no body attached to the legs when she pulls her foot up, it freaks me out!

    Shade AxesonShade Axeson3 years ago
  • c: Your style is so cute and goofy.

    Philip J. Fry IIPhilip J. Fry II3 years ago
  • Mmmm. I see it's- yes! Becuase of the - yes! It all makes sense now! (I've only done frame by frame so far >-> ) But I really do love these animatic videos Terminal! Please keep doing them!

    Spilled PaintsSpilled Paints3 years ago
  • ここで生まれたのか日本語字幕あったらなOMG((((;゚Д゚)))))))

    ケンジ見てる人ケンジ見てる人3 years ago
    • Huh?

      PredTheMedPredTheMed3 years ago
    • English?

      FunkyKongoBongoFunkyKongoBongo3 years ago
    • ありがとうございますなんかすいません senkyuuAAAsorry でも楽しく見させてもらいます本当にありがとうございます

      ケンジ見てる人ケンジ見てる人3 years ago
    • でも字幕なしでも楽しめます中国とアメリカのハーフですか?僕は中国と日本のハーフです

      ケンジ見てる人ケンジ見てる人3 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] さん

      ケンジ見てる人ケンジ見てる人3 years ago
  • Cool

    Yui Gamer GirlYui Gamer Girl3 years ago
  • Once again *finally realizes after 1000 years* *_gasp_*

    LunaLuna3 years ago

    KetsuKetsu3 years ago
  • I'm so thankful you told us how thia master piece was made. maybe someday I can make a master piece such as this! ❤

    DenirosWorldDenirosWorld3 years ago
  • Nice music, what song is it?

    Ethan HarpEthan Harp3 years ago
    • Look in the description

      Scrubby The SlimeScrubby The Slime3 years ago