[Animatic] Noog Network

Feb 28, 2017
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Animatic for the short Noog Network Promo usworlds.info/slow/video/m32fa6edaaKHqJ0 I did this in like a day, took about 5 days to finish the final video.
Music used: Theme for Harold Var 2 by Kevin Macleod of Incompetech

  • This is nice.

    gods foreskingods foreskinMonth ago
  • 👍

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • who's looking at this durring some butch controversy

    MAK3X7MAK3X75 months ago
    • Haha butch did a bad ew cringe

      Wunty HooWunty Hoo2 months ago
    • Yes.

      thesuccthesucc5 months ago
  • Underrated video

    wnynjwnynj9 months ago
  • ..... this creeps me out

    Spy of doom ModSpy of doom ModYear ago
  • aha i like how this video only has 14k views and the video u posted like a week a go has over 2 million views

    Tacoe KnightTacoe KnightYear ago
  • Dem3000

    JϻJJϻJ3 years ago
  • Derp

    Antonio RainoAntonio Raino3 years ago
  • oh, what song is this?

  • I hope Butch Hartman is doing okay. Sweet animatic.

    Philip J. Fry IIPhilip J. Fry II3 years ago
    • @MAK3X7 I think he is neat, but I kinda unsubscribed though.

      Philip J. Fry IIPhilip J. Fry II5 months ago
    • this comment didn't age well (butch is surrounded by controversy right now)

      MAK3X7MAK3X75 months ago
  • So what is the Noog, exactly? What kind of cartoons do they have? Is it just shorts? Who makes the animations? Other youtubers? I've heard about this thing for a while now but have no idea what it's all about.

    Finkster5Finkster53 years ago
  • k... I will download.

    EnragedSephirothEnragedSephiroth3 years ago
  • still waiting for the Android version

    N - AeraN - Aera3 years ago
  • This video is Noog !

    Noble TohruNoble Tohru3 years ago
  • Always love seeing your animatics

    KitsyfluffKitsyfluff3 years ago
  • that live action face was brilliant

    Mod SparkyMod Sparky3 years ago
  • ughhhhh but butch is a dick

    PJ fairweatherPJ fairweather3 years ago
    • hmm, I saw him in real life before at my university. He wasn't too bad. the dude could draw so good like no tomorrow though...

      AshnSilvercorpAshnSilvercorp3 years ago
  • that was adorable

    jack0lantrnjack0lantrn3 years ago
  • I sure af did download it that day too.

    TheDarkSpade1TheDarkSpade13 years ago
  • GG Jeremey

    MOREchesterMOREchester3 years ago
  • love it

    Armando FernandezArmando Fernandez3 years ago
  • "So...what? We some sorta... Notification Squad..?"

    TheDarkSpade1TheDarkSpade13 years ago
    • TheDarkSpade1 Noogification Squad*

      ChillChill3 years ago