[Animatic] M&L Plumbing Plantastrophe

Mar 15, 2014
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(There is no sound for the first 20ish seconds)
I thought of the idea for this in the Summer of 2013, then after Attack on Pikmin I worked on the storyboard then spent about 2 weeks on the animatic. I finished it on October 8th, 2013. Then slowly reanimated over it all in detail for the following months. As you may notice, I changed a few shots, and added a few. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to comment!
Final video: usworlds.info/slow/video/lItrbYunf2ecqpU

  • I love how the plant is a big sphere with an X on it

    Drag0n_A13xDrag0n_A13x23 days ago
  • 0:19 something about princes peach O_O

    MuTe ManMuTe ManMonth ago
  • The plant is me trying to talk in sleep paralysis

    forte greenforte green2 months ago
  • I thought I my speakers wasn't working

    BuddyPlotBuddyPlot4 months ago
  • I thought there was no music so I turned the volume all the way up and when I got to the.end.......

    axel in the house 2axel in the house 25 months ago
    • *OOHH SSH loud 1 up sound *BOOOOOM*

      BuddyPlotBuddyPlot4 months ago
  • Wow this is cool they made a joke to little shop of horrors

    T MackT Mack6 months ago
  • 1:36 That angle is amazing!

    ChiliChili6 months ago
  • Did this come out before or after the coloured one, or did they come out about the same day

    Stella The legendStella The legend7 months ago
  • 0:20

    Néstor Suárez GarcíaNéstor Suárez García7 months ago
  • Why he say?

    Нор КаНор Ка9 months ago
  • 1:24 Veggie tales...

    Kert ChristopherKert Christopher10 months ago
  • Beautiful even without the whole thing complete

    Diamond LordDiamond Lord11 months ago
  • Are we just going to ignore that luigi took a hit to the balls and got up like a man!?

    Donnie 1080Donnie 108011 months ago
    • What? Where?!

      Che YumsChe Yums9 months ago
  • This is like the black and white version of final version Without face on plant on some places

    SkullSpirit 64SkullSpirit 6411 months ago
  • I love you Luigi

    Sirleide MariaSirleide MariaYear ago
  • When dad uses the toilet 2:10

    rederts4liferederts4lifeYear ago
  • You really did amazing how long it must’ve took man

    Owen FettOwen FettYear ago
  • Nobody: Luigi: C U C U M B E R

    Fingy StingyFingy StingyYear ago
  • Nice product or project 💗

    PSI Lucas ΩPSI Lucas ΩYear ago
  • 0:59 In the colored and finished one Luigi backs up but in the animatic he doesn’t move at all

    Barb ContornoBarb ContornoYear ago
  • Welcome to the rare comment hearts, only the goodness comments get these,

    B A R T okB A R T okYear ago
  • So that’s how animations look like when they are unfinished?

    JohnCartoonistJohnCartoonistYear ago
  • The music starting like that actually scared the living shit out of me.

    MegaChanMegaChanYear ago
  • So, browsing your backlog of vids, this is a very important video, given the release of Plant in smash.

    GonchuitsGonchuitsYear ago
  • MUSIC?!

    Guyspy21Guyspy212 years ago
  • Anyone know what software was used to make this?

    Cartoon NerdCartoon Nerd2 years ago
  • 1:35 to 1:38 The running animation and stop effect was my favorite part. As if it was part of a TV show like Gravity Falls or something Disney XD Cartoon.

    FlipnotePikachuFlipnotePikachu2 years ago
  • #imaluckgod

    Sushi_Is _FictionSushi_Is _Fiction2 years ago
    • Wth how does keep happening well god knows why

      Sushi_Is _FictionSushi_Is _Fiction2 years ago
  • What do you do your animation in?

    Starius65Starius652 years ago
  • I like this music(Song) And very good animation!😎

    CatFromSpace2DCatFromSpace2D2 years ago
  • It's Mario and Sausage!

    chomporwhateverchomporwhatever2 years ago
  • Did he say what I did he said big fat boobs?

    chespin YTchespin YT2 years ago
  • 2018

    Chino con rabia 0Chino con rabia 02 years ago
  • 1:25

    ColWilBaldColWilBald2 years ago
  • 1:26 ooh, celery and tomato! Great picks!

    Nuna SallahNuna Sallah2 years ago
    • More like a pickle and a tomato.

      xiomara ortizxiomara ortiz9 months ago
  • M&L VS Audrey 2

    jrb gokujrb goku2 years ago

    carkcark3 years ago
  • 1:25 1:31 Sausage Party all over again!

    PuncakePuncake3 years ago
  • Please more of this

    Noah MayNoah May3 years ago
  • so nice that I love it

    Cinnamon toast NerdCinnamon toast Nerd3 years ago

    Ze FishZe Fish3 years ago
  • Greatness in the making.

    BuboBubo3 years ago
  • at 0:54 there is color if you stop it at the right time.

    Nicholas JonesNicholas Jones3 years ago
  • Love this! Can we get a Mario & Luigi's Ultimate attack animatic?

    MightyDilloMightyDillo4 years ago
  • 0:30 A wild plus sign on a ball appeared!

    MightyDilloMightyDillo4 years ago
  • gay

    Pikachu and gold PikachuPikachu and gold Pikachu4 years ago
    • Look who's talking

      KermitIsGladKermitIsGlad4 years ago
  • Why was the toilet in the middle of the hallway?

    Emu🐦Emu🐦4 years ago
    • King Emu I was wondering that too

      Skullink 521Skullink 5213 years ago
  • Love this! It's always a pleasure seeing the early process of an animation. Your work is a great source of inspiration and it's really nice to see how you lay things out for yourself.

    Brandon ZalarBrandon Zalar4 years ago
  • Awsome

    Leighton WalkerLeighton Walker5 years ago
  • Hey dude I love ur luigi is adorable :3 and good animation

    Adam barticeAdam bartice5 years ago
  • 01:25 B-) нарисовал как мастер

    Xaniel AnimationsXaniel Animations5 years ago
  • 01:25 B-) нарисовал как мастер

    Xaniel AnimationsXaniel Animations5 years ago
  • 1:31 its confirmed Luigi's a hotdog

    Diddly Doodle NoodleDiddly Doodle Noodle5 years ago
  • Looks like a madness face on 0:38

    Troll Face [Beto]Troll Face [Beto]5 years ago
  • This looks like starbomb :3

    stormRed1236stormRed12365 years ago
  • I see a LOT of work went into this!

    IKKOIKKO6 years ago
  • XD Happy music

    SmileHD1998SmileHD19986 years ago
  • died?

    zgthorzgthor6 years ago
  • Can you recommend a free animation program that's also good for animations?

    Molgerax ProductionsMolgerax Productions6 years ago
  • I like these kinds of videos. I could tell you put a lot of work into this.

    CraytonexCraytonex6 years ago
  • This is more of a tutorial to me, I don't know about anybody else >_>

    MrRamadanMrRamadan6 years ago
  • I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...

    EssenceOfEchEssenceOfEch6 years ago
  • Increedible dude! this is just remarkable work simply for an animatic. Man just this mustve taken several weeks in itself.

    RustyhoundRustyhound6 years ago
  • I've always wanted a "Luigi shirt" shirt

    hypermetalsonichypermetalsonic6 years ago
  • I want to be able to animate as well as you! This is amazing!

    JcbeefJcbeef6 years ago
  • Thanks alot man, this stuff really helps :D

    ApexxWolfApexxWolf6 years ago
  • Lugi evoled into gumby

    BakonDudeBakonDude6 years ago
    • BakonDude so true

      StelilathehippogriffStelilathehippogriff2 years ago
  • BakonDudeBakonDude6 years ago
  • thanks for sharing!

    ZalogonZalogon6 years ago
  • M&L? This must be the new hip way the kids are saying it.

    L LockeL Locke6 years ago
  • So how do you color the whole thing? Do you just have to go through and color every frame?

    AbelhawkAbelhawk6 years ago
  • Nice

    SlimBoyAlSlimBoyAl6 years ago
  • How long have you been animating for? Did you ever go to a school or did you teach yourself? Also, is it ever difficult animating? I would think that after understanding it and knowing how everything works, it's like doing the same basic tasks over and over to create motion, no? I've drawn all my life and I'm considering buying Adobe Flash.

    VissovaVissova6 years ago
  • Dude its amazing to see your work in progress ! I'm only a small time animator right now, but watching some of your shorts are pretty aspiring.

    KROCIXSKROCIXS6 years ago
  • Even not fully complete, it's awesome. Don't even complete this. We love it

    r0y02r0y026 years ago
  • I just want to take a second to acknowledge how obsessed I am with you're animation style. Seriously. Great job, Terminal.

    TheGamerMonkeyzTheGamerMonkeyz6 years ago
    • TheGamerMonkeyz Terminal Montage’s animation style at 2016 : Aight imma head out

      HypaHHypaH6 months ago
  • This video just shows how much love Jeremy put into this music video for "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" from Little Shop of Horrors. Oh, and I almost forgot to ask you a question, man! What or who forced you to make this masterpiece?

    RetroArcadeMonkeyRetroArcadeMonkey6 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] what is the little shop of horrors?

      StelilathehippogriffStelilathehippogriff2 years ago
  • Your really good at composing shots and putting them in sequence. Brah.

    RB FyllerRB Fyller6 years ago
  • Those first 20 seconds were the loneliest moments of my life. D:

    Some characters aren't allowedSome characters aren't allowed6 years ago
  • EPIC :D Little Shop Of Horrors

    RottenBRottenB6 years ago
  • OH S-*1Up* That got me again

    Hammer. Bros. #UCYHammer. Bros. #UCY6 years ago
  • Did you make the animatic in flash?

    Taylor RingoTaylor Ringo6 years ago
    • @***** thanks, you too!

      Taylor RingoTaylor Ringo6 years ago
    • Oh I have CS6, they made a new sprite tool for a framework called Create.js. But I now only use for game art and animation. I wanted to program games in flash but as soon as I got Flash and FlashBuilder the flash platform started to decline in favor of plugin free technology. I just use Unity3d since it's cross platform.

      Taylor RingoTaylor Ringo6 years ago
    • @***** I know a lot of animators are using flash but what about programmers? I finally get the flash tools I need and now all the sudden this HTML 5 just sprung on us devs.

      Taylor RingoTaylor Ringo6 years ago
    • Okay, cool.

      Taylor RingoTaylor Ringo6 years ago
  • no hentai? DAMMIT!

    Herkel DanielHerkel Daniel6 years ago
  • i love how mario is is an actual stick figure in some parts, where as luigi is just a fucking walking hotdog.

    MonketronMonketron6 years ago
    • I'm pretty sure Peach really like Luigi, if you know what I mean..

      IKKOIKKO6 years ago
  • Quick Question, where did you get your channel name, also Do you think the channel name I have is a good fit for an animation channel or should I change it to something more catchy?

    Contra199XContra199X6 years ago
  • this level of detail in the animatic... is just... astounding

    CapnCrustyCapnCrusty6 years ago
    • XD

      FallManFallMan4 months ago
    • 0:29

      CobraLuigi64CobraLuigi64Year ago
  • Little shop of horrors lol

    Doom WaffleDoom Waffle6 years ago
  • You mentioned you changed some of the scenes. What is your process for coming up with the scenes from concept to finished animation? Is it different for musical ones like this?

    zyfizyfi6 years ago
  • Hey TerminalMontage, do you have a FAQ with stuff like "what do you use to animate"?

    raulranmaraulranma6 years ago
  • You have the cleanest animation of any animator on Newgrounds/USworlds. 10/10.

    pikistikmanpikistikman6 years ago
  • ...Is the doorway at 0:55 supposed to look like a vagina?

    Garuda RamudaGaruda Ramuda6 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] そな

      井上佳代井上佳代6 years ago
  • That's so cool to get a look at the creative process

    CrustyModernLife?CrustyModernLife?6 years ago
  • Yes Little Mushroom of Horror! lol Nice mashup!

    Justin ChronemicJustin Chronemic6 years ago
    • Justin Chronemic I think it should be "Giant Castle of Horrors".

      Your Average Bad GamerYour Average Bad Gamer2 years ago
    • Justin Chronemic is this from the little shop of horrors?

      StelilathehippogriffStelilathehippogriff2 years ago
  • As a young artist, I have to ask: What do you use to draw? A tablet? What brand? I'm looking to get into animating, and I'm wondering what I'd need to start, besides Flash.

    Aidan CeszynskiAidan Ceszynski6 years ago
    • Thank you!

      Aidan CeszynskiAidan Ceszynski6 years ago
  • Peach has a giant bathroom with a balcony.........

    Mr MoustacheMr Moustache6 years ago
    • shes lucky

      Valerie BirdValerie Bird2 years ago
    • Mr Moustache jkh

      Raquel MonroyRaquel Monroy3 years ago
    • @ParanoidPixel I do! So everyone can see me relieve myself...

      legend of ulegend of u5 years ago
    • You don't?

      ParanoidPixelParanoidPixel6 years ago
  • I thought my speakers were off then I read the description. :P

    DWC15DWC156 years ago
  • The angle at 1:34 of Mario's run cycle is SO good. Didn't notice it in the animation lol.

    JinleyJinley6 years ago
  • Madness Flowerated

  • cool-i-yo!

    JolliJolli6 years ago
  • madness combat plantheosis

    T. RocketcupcakeT. Rocketcupcake6 years ago