[Animatic] How to get to Goron City/Death Mountain + alternate ending

May 24, 2017
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There's no music, so beware of the screaming! Here's the animatic! Made in Adobe Flash CS5.5, using a Cintiq 21UX. I got it finished in less than 2 days (just a few hours each day) A few things changed/ were added to the final version. The cooking intro was also added last minute.
Alternative Goron voice by Mister_Crits! twitter.com/Mister_Crits
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  • The Goron not boppin scares me.

    ShinyShinxShinyShinx21 day ago
  • I like this version better lol

  • Why, why is it impact font

    Dumbass DianaDumbass Diana23 days ago
  • Can you do Doom next?

    Jacob CarterJacob CarterMonth ago
  • I told you

    NekoKatNekoKat3 months ago
  • *Adobe Flash CS5* Im in grade 8, and i can relate to this.

    Basic DrawingBasic Drawing3 months ago
  • The original ending looks and sound more believable and better

    DG EntertainmentDG Entertainment3 months ago
  • Alexia, play music Alexia: Ok. *plays link screaming * Me:......*swears in a diff language*

    Le FriskLe Frisk3 months ago
  • Oh my looking at the old videos I like seeing your growth

    Manhattan BlockadeManhattan Blockade4 months ago
  • Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaas

    Winners BikinduWinners Bikindu4 months ago
  • The ending tho rupees and link glitching I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Elijah VincentElijah Vincent5 months ago
  • You know what dialect Gorons speak? Goronics.

    Wild DogWild Dog6 months ago
  • thats not EXACTLY how i did it but close enough

    Nick BrewingtonNick Brewington6 months ago
  • 1:24 *"Kids, This Is Why You Don't Do Drugs."*

    MrNeedleMouseMrNeedleMouse7 months ago
  • TerminalMontage on a budget (No offense)

    VerecundiusVerecundius7 months ago
  • Omg it was exactly what i did

    João Eduardo Lins Klein Soares BrandãoJoão Eduardo Lins Klein Soares Brandão7 months ago
  • Legend

    Legend-_-LuisLegend-_-Luis7 months ago
  • 普通に凄いし大好きなんだけど厄災め

    眠い豆腐眠い豆腐7 months ago
  • Old animation is more like someone is drawing

    Snake YTSnake YT9 months ago
  • "you dont have enough rupees" THE POOR MANS ROASTING MATE

    BiogonalBiogonal11 months ago
  • 5/10 end screen didn't contain extended voice clip of 0:50

    TheBulletBotTheBulletBot11 months ago
  • AND I OOP-

    christine_chan_101christine_chan_10111 months ago
  • asies eggs

    CONFIRMO ਠੂੰCONFIRMO ਠੂੰYear ago
  • I like this ending better!!

    JapicanJapicanYear ago
  • this is actually exactly what i did

    AM CharacterAM CharacterYear ago
  • Segundo 0:42 canción de rubius

    Rodrigo AyllónRodrigo AyllónYear ago
  • white with black outline impact font

    BlueyBlueyYear ago
  • The armour shop goron tho

    Mar CoralMar CoralYear ago
  • Just saying this has 420.000 views

    pan psaltpan psaltYear ago
  • I got armor. :D *BLUAAH!!*

    Super whatever gamin'Super whatever gamin'Year ago
  • the goron: Oh shit he dead

    Cutiewintersnow TorresCutiewintersnow TorresYear ago
  • I think is better without the puke

    Cristo El MagoCristo El MagoYear ago
  • This is why you need to visit the Foothill Stable and stuff yourself full of Fireproof Elixirs before the trip, kids.

    TackeyTackeyYear ago
  • 1:23 Yeet

    SnivyFan11SnivyFan11Year ago
  • So much talent

    Duchesse de BerneDuchesse de BerneYear ago
  • Like yes like zelda

  • Omg 1:21 almost sounds like Pumat Sol

    Oshawott315Oshawott315Year ago
  • his friends are being dramatic

    Liam KolericLiam KolericYear ago
  • The original ending is better

    Clifford FloresClifford FloresYear ago
  • 1:23 i can hear it.

    Pierina Sofía Acuña Ponce de LeónPierina Sofía Acuña Ponce de LeónYear ago
  • Did he throw up because he ate a bunch of meat and fruits mixed together?

    Nicole PrevostNicole PrevostYear ago
  • I like the homer Simpson voice for the Goron

    chucklenutchucklenutYear ago
  • You know you could’ve talked to the lady at the stable to get elixirs, and if you get 10 fireproof lizards for that guy in the mine you can get the torso part of the outfit ;-;

    jaden sucksjaden sucksYear ago
  • I wish you would redo this and add a scene I had to go through which I'm surprised you didn't add. While I was going up the road to Goron City there were fireballs coming down and I had no clue why. I don't know just more suspenseful drama.

    CRMXLCRMXLYear ago
  • this is how I got there I just only bought the pants

    Alexis MurrayAlexis MurrayYear ago
  • Yeah that’s was weird

    Bloopers. INCBloopers. INCYear ago
  • Same though

    Mirnaluvsturtles 415Mirnaluvsturtles 415Year ago
  • You should’ve ended it with Link jumping into the lava since he thinks he’s immune. Nevertheless, your animations are so advanced I can’t even process it!

    AlAlYear ago
  • Link doing the Geddan at the end

    Huy ArtzHuy ArtzYear ago
  • Did you got lazy Jeremy? the later ending are better.

    Huy ArtzHuy ArtzYear ago
  • Hey this is what I just went through, only with a lot more food lol... Now I'm at the part where I have no idea how to beat the boss's second form on the lizard guardian..

    Nathaniel BellmoreNathaniel BellmoreYear ago
    • *B O M B A R R O W S or are you not that far yet

      Dio BrandoDio BrandoMonth ago
  • Tbh I really like the original ending. Link throwing up makes sense seeing as how much food he ate lmao.

    kendra seibertkendra seibertYear ago
  • This version makes more sense tbh. The original is funny and all but link puking makes a lot of sense.

    OttomothOttomothYear ago
  • Link Screaming for 10 Hours

    Brodie EttienBrodie EttienYear ago

    Anamation JAnamation JYear ago
  • Why does he throw up

    insurt usernameinsurt usernameYear ago
  • This is exactly what happened to me except I couldn't find the clothes shop and it was so stressful

    shlirbyshlirbyYear ago
  • No offense but mister chris sounds stupid as the goron.

    kohlissac02kohlissac02Year ago
  • You have Faked

    Johannes GenykJohannes GenykYear ago
  • *Feel the burn*

    Zwyrx HgqfyggzZwyrx HgqfyggzYear ago
  • Link spasing for 10 hours when?

    thomas pacattethomas pacatteYear ago
  • This was more animated than a normal animatic

    Joker has no lifeJoker has no lifeYear ago
  • I had 15 hearts so not nearly as much a problem

    Cody The Black Chicken!Cody The Black Chicken!Year ago
  • I like how in this version the Goron talks slower. It’s pretty funny given the urgency of the situation

    EdBoy9000EdBoy9000Year ago
  • This is how I got there on my first play and it is my favorite memory of playing the game

    johnjohnYear ago
  • My first attempt to explore Death Mountain in a nutshell. XD

    Avadok SoremAvadok SoremYear ago
  • If I see a video of a Earape version of link screaming I will watch it

    SuperSonicXDSuperSonicXDYear ago
  • you could say he *burned* alot of calories on his way there

    CalakipmarCalakipmarYear ago
  • This is actually how I got there the first time

    Tom SkyTom SkyYear ago
  • The best birthday Present ever

    Failed abortionFailed abortionYear ago
  • Why did link throw up after he put the armor on was it the food

    SuperSonicXDSuperSonicXDYear ago
    • @ProfessorWhooves1 makes sense

      SuperSonicXDSuperSonicXDYear ago
    • If you ate a crapton of food while running as fast as you could in scalding heat, pretty sure you'd throw up too once you stop and suddenly make your stomach settle.

      ProfessorWhooves1ProfessorWhooves1Year ago
  • Hey dude. I am such a huge fan! I’m sorry because I’m am sure you get this question a lot, but what animation software do you use? I would love to create content like yours and it would help a lot to know. Thanks so much! I’ll try to comment on a more recent video.

    Hayden JohnsonHayden JohnsonYear ago
  • Lul

    Sebastián NoirSebastián NoirYear ago
  • That's how I did it.

    Reptil, Prince of lizard peopleReptil, Prince of lizard peopleYear ago
  • 0:50 Link.exe stopped working

    The Ded inside one . RipThe Ded inside one . RipYear ago
  • This one is better then the original

    FreshGalaxyMilkFreshGalaxyMilkYear ago
  • U could have just put the gameover screen shot after u dont have any rupees

    Bryan YounBryan YounYear ago
  • Scram

    JackJackYear ago
  • It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to realise why he threw up.

    James OlszewskiJames OlszewskiYear ago
  • Honestly I miss this type of art style, hope in a future video I see it again

    GletchGuyGletchGuyYear ago
  • 1:22 Well, you know, in this situation, I like to say... *Ssssspiiiiiiiiiiiin !*

    KywiiKywiiYear ago
  • I kinda like the puking. It's inhuman how you can just infinity hork down food as long as you have at least one bit of heart empty.

    Tim WoodsTim WoodsYear ago
  • I’m pretty sure this is a copy of something but just a bit different idk it they copied it from this clip and don’t vote who did it first

    Beto MedBeto MedYear ago
  • Yeah, I imagine him eating that much would not go well...

    SwadloomSwadloomYear ago
  • This ending is way better. It makes a lot more sense, considering how much he ate.

    Zeruel82Mk2Zeruel82Mk2Year ago
  • Maybe instead of the two endings he went and jumped in lave because he thought he was immune. Fire resistance - inequal sign - lava prof (same situation with heat)(and Visa versa)

    Bethany DavisBethany DavisYear ago
  • oof

    Sephy animatesSephy animatesYear ago
  • Okay you should have done the second guy for the first half and then the first guy for the you don't have enough rupees

    Michael HippMichael HippYear ago
  • I can Guarantee u this is accurate

    EllaLinkoEllaLinkoYear ago
  • 0:58 he throws up probably because he ate too much food..

    Mr. GeobyteMr. GeobyteYear ago
  • I did that the first time i played xd

    Nacheitor8Nacheitor8Year ago
  • It would have been funny and accurate

    Jose GarciaJose GarciaYear ago
  • I think the new ending is better cause the old one made no sense like link wears a new outfit then just vomits ? I don't get it

    Naief The goonyNaief The goony2 years ago
  • Ahh most people seem to like this ending, but... idk vomit is my least favorite animation gag.

    Valerie LynnValerie Lynn2 years ago
  • before:heeeyyy yooouuurrr aaa hhhyyyyylllliiiiiaaaannnn. YOOOOUUUUU BEEEETTTTEEERRR PUUUUUUTTTT AAARRRMMMMOOOOUUUUURRRR OOONNNNNN. YOOOOOUUUU DOOOOONNTT HAAAVVVEEEE EEEENNNOOOUUUUGGGHHHH RRUUUUPPPPEEEESSSSS!!!! after:hey your a hylian you better put on some armour. you dont have enough rupees

    Darachu 64Darachu 642 years ago
  • the vomit ending is more logical :v

    Miles ProwerMiles Prower2 years ago
  • Actually before i kept doing (eating food) that to try to get the armor

    UnArthudoxUnArthudox2 years ago
  • Nice beta test!

    Jace HumanJace Human2 years ago
  • 1:23 when You stub your toe

    MarineMarine2 years ago
  • Relatable.

    DucksInTopHatsDucksInTopHats2 years ago