[Animatic] Game Grumps Animated - MeDUDEsa

Sep 24, 2015
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Animatic for the GameGrumps Animated I made! Check it out: usworlds.info/slow/video/rnmKsYDWgqSniWY

  • Someday...

    Deutalios 818Deutalios 8184 months ago
  • Undertale

    Robert WarrenRobert Warren2 years ago
  • Wait hold up YOU made this, this is amazing

    carlosdude64carlosdude642 years ago
  • How'd you get your lines to look like that? Textured brush or you drew them slowly?

    pbdotgifpbdotgif4 years ago
  • How in God's name is there a Grumps fan animation that has quality and made me laugh compared to the original vide-- Oh, wait... It's TM.

    Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!5 years ago
    • Whoa, bro, No Homo.

      Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!5 years ago
  • I love the face Arin makes when laughing in your videos. XD

    princesshouraiiprincesshouraii5 years ago
    • Oh you~

      princesshouraiiprincesshouraii5 years ago
    • AYY YOU REPLIED! Well, this is "Noog". EH?

      princesshouraiiprincesshouraii5 years ago
  • How do you make your lines jagged like that?

    Bryce LoganBryce Logan5 years ago
  • Oh shi- I forgot how to use the Dewey Deathimal System!

    RobysnakeRobysnake5 years ago
    • Help! I Need AN ADULT

      RobysnakeRobysnake5 years ago
  • Favorited this immediately for the library pun!

    Peh VeetuPeh Veetu5 years ago
  • Hey kirby, every met-a-knight???

    Homo SaxaphoneHomo Saxaphone5 years ago
  • what do you use for the animation? :0

    MelMel5 years ago
  • what do you do, key in 12's?

    gralkorgralkor5 years ago
  • What about one especial vid about 100.000 subs? (Sorry bad english)

    Thiago HenriqueThiago Henrique5 years ago
  • MeDUDEsa

    Dєяρунσσνєѕ ღDєяρунσσνєѕ ღ5 years ago
  • Looks like the classic ol' grump games animation .3.

    ZipZapZipZap5 years ago
  • I've never found GameGrumps to be that funny. Everyone talks more about them than PewDiePie and I don't understand what's so great about either of them.

    Nicc B.Nicc B.5 years ago
  • Congrats on 100,000 subscribers! ;)

    AGA GraphicsAGA Graphics5 years ago
  • The fact that you only need 5 more subs until 100,000.

    d cd c5 years ago
    • XD

      d cd c5 years ago
  • Wow, you're really close to 100k subs! Hopefully this GG animated can help you get there! :)

    Supr GamingSupr Gaming5 years ago
  • Heyy! Game grumps!!

    600billionlazer600billionlazer5 years ago
  • Woah! Not sure if you answered this before, but what program did you use to animate the finished version in? I've been working on a grumps animated and recently abandoned flash for a drawing program to work out an animatic in a more "bumpy lined" style like similar to yours. I've been looking all over for a good animation program to work in that achieves this though! Anyway, great great work on the animation! It came out amazing! Love your style!

    Kade MarsiliKade Marsili5 years ago
    • Awesome! Thanks a lot!

      Kade MarsiliKade Marsili5 years ago
    • +Kade Marsili And I now see that it is flash cs, which is one of the only things I haven't tried because of price lmao.. yikes

      Kade MarsiliKade Marsili5 years ago
  • Always posting two versions; never stop man I love being able to see how much work you put into your stuff.

    FinnyFinny5 years ago
  • Great job as always!!

    ZaldermeniaZaldermenia5 years ago
  • lol.

    ÜberÜber5 years ago
  • I love this animation lost my shit xD this is amazing

    Colleen MarieColleen Marie5 years ago
  • YES. You made a GG animated. You're so good.

    Brenden KiddBrenden Kidd5 years ago
  • how come your so pro at this

    BootbooBootboo5 years ago
    • +pizza lover52 at uploding animatics? yeah, he's the bestttt pfffttttttttt

      gralkorgralkor5 years ago
  • Why are there 11 dislikes? This is great!

    RythazeRythaze5 years ago
  • Wow, Jeremy's Animatic is actually equal in quality to most final Grump animations.

    • all it needs is a crappy crumpled paper background and it's set!

      CartoonWarStudiosCartoonWarStudios5 years ago
  • Just subbed ya. This's way too funny.

    Grace JGrace J5 years ago
  • This animatic is more animated than most game grumps 'animations.'

    LeetleBabyGamerGrillLeetleBabyGamerGrill5 years ago
  • jontron was better

    bottomless voidbottomless void5 years ago
    • @mariois25 get him back

      bottomless voidbottomless void5 years ago
    • He was. But what do we do now?

      PorygonPorygon5 years ago
    • @octochan ill see ya in bed tonight sweetie

      bottomless voidbottomless void5 years ago
    • +Mountain Dew Druggie Goddammit I'm seeing you everywhere now XD

      Adam KrugAdam Krug5 years ago
    • the super serious guys

      ImLoafImLoaf5 years ago
  • 0:31 danny is jewish right?

    theowesttheowest5 years ago
    • Glad I'm not the only one who noticed.

      aspenaspen4 years ago
  • How do you make the glow on the fire?

    NickkNickk5 years ago
    • +TerminalMontage [Jeremey] ITS THAT EASY??? YOU'RE KIDDING

      NickkNickk5 years ago
  • Gotta love how this has animatic about as much animation as most Game Grumps Animated.

    CargCarg5 years ago
  • They are not funny

    Gabriel SolorzanoGabriel Solorzano5 years ago
  • *MaDUDEsa* Goddamnit. Jeremy, I like your videos. Are you working on a new project? Also, just a request. Would you make an animation based on Bloodborne?

    عمرعمر5 years ago
  • As always an awesome animation:)

    Subject #74Subject #745 years ago
    • +TerminalMontage [Jeremey] are you going to bring back zubatman?

      WAFFLOES hWAFFLOES h5 years ago
  • Congrats on getting it on Game Grumps! Your art style and animation has really influenced me!

    Carson PotterCarson Potter5 years ago
  • wow thanks for sharing this! love to see the creative process. and props on how polished the animation looks on the final video! plus the characters designs are great!

    DatamouthDatamouth5 years ago
  • hey this is just the game grumps animation they uploaded. HOW DARE YOU STEAL THERE VIDEO! *waits and sees if anyone takes the bait*

    jorell kujojorell kujo5 years ago
  • loved the animation extremely well done and look forward to more!

    Drake RussellDrake Russell5 years ago
  • What game was this?

    Cyberbrickmaster1986Cyberbrickmaster19865 years ago
    • Super Castlevania 4, I believe.

      Nick LeMayNick LeMay5 years ago
  • Pretty good

    RICHIGO-RICHIGO-5 years ago
  • Your animatics are really well done. Do you thumbnail then add key poses later?

    NitroBANitroBA5 years ago
  • I can't see color! I'm going blind!

    Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas TimeSimply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time5 years ago
  • lel

    jose16133jose161335 years ago
  • Great job man, meDUDEsa was perfect.

    Snapple BoySnapple Boy5 years ago
  • FIRST!!!

    Murilo Gomes MassulaMurilo Gomes Massula5 years ago
    • +Matsuya Animation BITCHS!!!!!! i got da bullet!!!! >;-)

      Murilo Gomes MassulaMurilo Gomes Massula5 years ago
    • +Matsuya Animation get shrekht lol

      Team InfernoTeam Inferno5 years ago
    • ashusahasuashuhasuasusahsau

      André Vitor da Silva CardosoAndré Vitor da Silva Cardoso5 years ago
    • +TheBreadKnight OH HEEL NO!!!

      Murilo Gomes MassulaMurilo Gomes Massula5 years ago
    • blue shell

      mu_temu_te5 years ago