[Animatic] Game Grumps Animated - Bone to Pick

Aug 25, 2016
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Here's the animatic of the Game Grumps Animated I threw together! Final version is here: usworlds.info/slow/video/ZWKdr2mvenKbgHM&ab_channel=GameGrumps

  • I'm a simple human. I see Papyrus, I *click*

    Morgan GuilfordMorgan Guilford2 months ago
  • *P A P Y R U S*

    YoSoyAdamYoSoyAdam2 months ago
  • *T H E P O W E R O F C O M E D Y*

    Darkspine GamerDarkspine Gamer5 months ago
  • Papyrus?

    Julio Cesar García PérezJulio Cesar García Pérez6 months ago
  • Skeleton look like papyrus

    Roid alfaroRoid alfaro7 months ago
  • Cool animation! And to anyone reading this, have a nice day!

    Siku CoonSiku Coon7 months ago
  • It looks papyrus

    gelogelokczer_al gaminggelogelokczer_al gaming8 months ago

    Mayenne MagallonaMayenne Magallona9 months ago
  • What would you expect from a skeletons animation? Undertale, of course is undertale it always is fricking under-friendship magic.

    Emilio RojasEmilio Rojas9 months ago
  • I love game grumps btw!

    ApronikaApronikaYear ago

    LittleLittleYear ago

    Robby SnellRobby SnellYear ago
  • Nice job getting this in Game Grumps, my dude!

    Life With KaiLife With KaiYear ago
  • is papyrus

    Estudios pan con mayoEstudios pan con mayoYear ago
  • I thought this whould br undertale and game grumps

    Denise curyDenise curyYear ago
  • It was papyrus

    Mr.Cheeseburger ManMr.Cheeseburger ManYear ago
  • Papyrus

    KatekarinKatekarin2 years ago
  • GAAAAASP You made this GGA???? This one is my FAAAAVORITE!

    Jenni LockeJenni Locke2 years ago
  • YOU DID THIS ONE AS WELL, this is one of my favorite gga of all time, im so blind to credits

    carlosdude64carlosdude642 years ago

    Over_ink_TaleOver_ink_Tale3 years ago
  • How are your animatics perfect too, like Why. Who gave your animatics the right to be perfect.

    Layla _Does_StuffLayla _Does_Stuff3 years ago
  • i thouht his was Undertale...clickbai!!

    Kids WoodsKids Woods3 years ago
    • Kids Woods it isn't clickbait because it's Game grumps. Not Steam Train

      SuperLuigiPlayzSuperLuigiPlayz3 years ago
  • This is awesome, but I gotta ask...did it ever occur to you to do an Undertale version of this? I mean, skeletons, bad puns...Just wondering. ;)

    E̛mPL̶oYEe͟ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢E̛mPL̶oYEe͟ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢4 years ago
  • the skeleton is looking like papyrus

    MrDummy New Account In DescriptionMrDummy New Account In Description4 years ago
  • Where did Mario & Luigi go?

    JLatte64JLatte644 years ago
  • The shit, m8.

    RATTL3 D3M BON3SRATTL3 D3M BON3S4 years ago
  • Great job Jeremy. You are awesome.

    Luke PerkinsLuke Perkins4 years ago
  • Jeremey I have just one question for you. Do you like game grumps?

    Red CircleRed Circle4 years ago
    • probably not, made some animations for some of their episodes but I'd say probably not after spending many hours animating

      Nerdy GamerNerdy Gamer4 years ago
  • We missed ya Jeremey!

    EnragedSephirothEnragedSephiroth4 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] NP man. It's always good to see the occasional piece from a great animator. We all have lives to lead so the uploads are always a rare treat. Like a Masamune dropping in Symphony of the Night.

      EnragedSephirothEnragedSephiroth4 years ago
  • great animation really enjoyed! keep up the great work! if you need voices for any work that isn't gg related hit me up

    kainisdeadkainisdead4 years ago
  • "NOT DONE" Yeah, just like this animation.

    Bird BrainBird Brain4 years ago
  • what program do you guys use !!? i love your work 😍

    DustInsideDustInside4 years ago
  • we need shovel knight in smasg

    musaiccmusaicc4 years ago
  • Nice job!!!

    doopman512doopman5124 years ago
  • Thanks Jeremy for a new video (: I always tense up when I see you in my sub box

    fucking_kirbyfucking_kirby4 years ago
  • You're alive! I've missed you!

    Gamewiz WGamewiz W4 years ago
  • You're alive!

    Mark ChangMark Chang4 years ago
  • Papyrus would be proud.

    TheApokeTheApoke4 years ago
    • I've got a BONE to pick with you, He-Man!

      GamiacGamiac28 days ago
    • Yes very

      Kyle RojasKyle Rojas3 months ago
    • No thats Sans Unless we talking about Underswap then yes he would

      Asherbird 25Asherbird 253 months ago
    • No He Hates these puns

      The real SonicThe real SonicYear ago
  • I fucking hate Game Grumps

    Generic NameGeneric Name4 years ago
    • Generic Name then why did you click on a game grumps labeled video? actually genuinely curious

      cobalt blucobalt blu3 years ago
    • Oh, yeah, I totally get it, Happens all the time. It's normal to get bored of repetitive stuff man. I didn't take it personal or anything, haha, just makin' a -terrible- joke

      Layla _Does_StuffLayla _Does_Stuff3 years ago
    • @Layla Adair To be honest I liked their content for a short amount of time, then I realized how repetitive their content is. I don't care if you like them though, I hold nothing against you.

      Generic NameGeneric Name3 years ago
    • Generic Name W-W-W... Well that's ok. Y-your entitled to your opinions...I ...i mean...**explodes** -but actually before i watched game grumps all the time, I saw their channel and was like "Meh it's ok Idk if i really like it though" Now i can't stop watching-

      Layla _Does_StuffLayla _Does_Stuff3 years ago
    • @Der Slendy lol

      Generic NameGeneric Name4 years ago
  • Jeremey you're the best! Why do I not see you at the LORE? I watched this channel only for your animations :с

    ФриОнизФриОниз4 years ago
  • I was expecting the regular GGA outro but what you used was great haha, it's just as catchy. Idk why but it sounds like a game's main menu or pause screen to me P:

    CastCast4 years ago
  • I don't know why but that skeleton looks familiar 😅

    Ryaquaza 1Ryaquaza 14 years ago
    • @Teletubies in Doom ok boomer You must be one of all UNDERshit cancer player aren't you?

      Thepoper121ザポッパー121Thepoper121ザポッパー1214 months ago
    • Yea this comment was before I knew about this kinda stuff but I do now so whatever. I kinda live under a rock tbh

      Ryaquaza 1Ryaquaza 110 months ago
    • @Ryaquaza 1 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 HOW DARE U

      kimkim10 months ago
    • Undertale?, what's that lol

      Ryaquaza 1Ryaquaza 14 years ago
    • to much undertale

      CatalyspCatalysp4 years ago
  • damn fine job.

    epichamster96epichamster964 years ago
    • +TerminalMontage [Jeremey] anytime man! my favorite animation of yours is the monster hunter one.

      epichamster96epichamster964 years ago
  • Bless your soul good sir. :)

  • this sucks, you're copying egoraptor's style

    fucking_kirbyfucking_kirby4 years ago
    • I think helter was trying to be sarcastic because he rarely animates anymore, if he still does at all even.

      Nerdy GamerNerdy Gamer4 years ago
    • +Helter Skelter -_-

      Red CircleRed Circle4 years ago
    • Egoraptor animates?

      Helter SkelterHelter Skelter4 years ago
    • jeremy is obvious fraud, he copys every1 style. You think he puts effort into it? BAH, it's all hogwash, he's definetly not a talented animator. He prolly enjoys being a sellout too. He's taken cash right out of Koby's bumhole

      fucking_kirbyfucking_kirby4 years ago
    • Half of this animatic was stick figures. And I don't see any connection in Arin's and TM's drawing styles.

      Oli DonohueOli Donohue4 years ago
  • Jeremy, do you love me, like I love you?

    Saviour ScoutSaviour Scout4 years ago
    • L-lewd...!

      E-102 GammaE-102 Gamma4 years ago
    • +TerminalMontage [Jeremey] I knew it, how could you...

      Saviour ScoutSaviour Scout4 years ago
  • I really love how when Danny was at his peak disgust over the puns and Arin was at his proudest their expressions took over their silhouettes.

    Kth77Kth774 years ago
  • I'd love to see more vids like this, it's really interesting to see the process of making animations as awesome as these! I might actually learn something!

    HarryBookHarryBook4 years ago
    • Oh damn! You do a LOT of vids like this! Time for some BINGEING!!

      HarryBookHarryBook4 years ago
  • This is great, I love the expressions you gave

    Redeemer90Redeemer904 years ago
  • Yaaaaay you're not dead! YES! Excited for your next animations, especially AoP 2. This was amazing XD I wonder if he really did have syphilis?

    StealthlockStealthlock4 years ago
  • 0:48 it would be TOO many puns not TO many puns

    TheFatMoeTheFatMoe4 years ago
    • uh oh! No biggie

      TheFatMoeTheFatMoe4 years ago
  • They were send to the bone zone

    Andrew MoreAndrew More4 years ago
    • AYYY

      Sneaky PeteSneaky Pete4 years ago
  • Hi

    Shauna FoxShauna Fox4 years ago
  • cool

    smubosmubo4 years ago
  • Bones!

    D-day JBAD-day JBA4 years ago