[Animatic] Cox n Crendor - Podling Nibblers

Feb 27, 2017
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Animatic I made back in October 2014. Not my proudest piece of work. I had about 2 weeks to make the short and I wasn't really feelin' it, the final version can be seen here: usworlds.info/slow/video/i25klo67rKCYgYs

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    Lucas HDLucas HD22 days ago
  • Thx to me this video now has 666 likes πŸ˜‚

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  • IDK this is Jeremy most Underrated Videos Lets make it popular

    Fatih YudhistraFatih Yudhistra28 days ago
  • Apperently this is your least viewed video

    HeHeMonth ago
  • Can you watch this a bunch of times?

    Transfur StudiosTransfur StudiosMonth ago
  • Mannnn his least popular video, even though it was really funny

    A-6-hawkA-6-hawkMonth ago
  • B))) I’m cool because it’s his least popular video

    Nick The WaffleNick The WaffleMonth ago
  • This was the legend himself 3 years ago

    ZeroClonerYTZeroClonerYT3 months ago
  • Wait a sec, you made this?!?! Wow, I can't believe I rediscovered you!! after this you went far man!!!

    Red WolfRed Wolf8 months ago
  • It’s been 2 years!!! And your animation is so cute back in the day!!!~🌸❀️ ------------πŸ‰------------ Edited: Bless your soul again Jeremey

    Kayla AbuyuanKayla AbuyuanYear ago
  • Adorible. Hope you do more Cox N Crendor animations. :)

    MadalovinMadalovin3 years ago
  • Jesse dancing on his toes was the highlight of this for me. My sides!

    TheShadowHatterTheShadowHatter3 years ago
  • Y e s

    Chicago MewtwoChicago Mewtwo3 years ago
  • That dagger seems to have hit by the hilt you'd think that sort of thing would happen more often

    a cata cat3 years ago
  • Cute little animals? Lets kill them!

    Bird BrainBird Brain3 years ago
  • This makes me really want to see what you could do with the Adventure Zone!! Any fans here? :-D

    DrewbyDrewby3 years ago
  • I remember watching this when it first released on the Polaris channel, Good job!

    BiteSize ManderBiteSize Mander3 years ago
  • Jeremey: making small annoying monsters utterly adorable since 2013.

    TakeThisificationTakeThisification3 years ago
  • WOW crendor???

    Mark ChangMark Chang3 years ago
  • hey... that's pretty good

    Cian BrowneCian Browne3 years ago
  • Naheulbeuk ?

  • noice

    Thingy ManThingy Man3 years ago