[Animatic] Attack on Pikmin 2

Feb 27, 2017
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Animatic and lineart of AoP2.
The first few shots in the "lineart" part were colored because I did them 2 years before I did everything else.
Songs used:
megata kyojin kuchiku
進撃st hrn gt20130629巨人

  • We need another attack on Pikmin

    SimeezkatSimeezkat16 days ago
  • finally found your least most popular video (i think)

    catkoolaidcatkoolaid18 days ago
  • didn’t expect me to comment on this one didjya’?

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  • This is TerminalMontage's video with least views

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  • Oh look the least popular video in this channel.

    Toad abToad ab3 months ago
  • The main Character Red Pikmin is No More...NOW WHITE PIKMIN IS THE MAIN CHARACTER

    Eroy PerdayawikuEroy Perdayawiku3 months ago
  • bruh this is the last viewed video its very good

    mr bnchmrkmr bnchmrk3 months ago
  • This is your least viewed video, but it could pass as a DVD extra. It’s amazing.

    AflayAflay3 months ago
  • Glad to see I'm not the only one who came to check out the least viewed video.

    Toomin DevToomin Dev4 months ago
  • How is this the least viewed video of TerminalMontage? This is a masterpiece!

    Berlin MappingBerlin Mapping6 months ago
  • This is the most unpopular thing you made 2020 oof

    LemoniumLemonium7 months ago
  • E

    Louis_AnimationsLouis_Animations7 months ago
  • Me: *scrolls to least viewed video and then goes to newest comments* *sees Hearts* *SURPRISED WHAT EVER THE HECK I AM NOISES*

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  • I know u scrolled down to his least popular video.

    That317BoiThat317Boi7 months ago
  • What

    A person u found GamerA person u found Gamer7 months ago
  • Maaaan, how i dont saw this before?!

    themega120themega1208 months ago
  • *less than 20K people have seen this. Consider yourself lucky to find this uncommon animatic.*

    Meme LordMeme Lord8 months ago
    • not Really just sort by most popular and the. scroll down

      HALL ADAYHALL ADAY25 days ago
    • No it’s fine

      Meme LordMeme LordMonth ago
    • @Meme Lord sorry. I was just saying more people have seen it. Why am I so mean... 😞

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    • @Idc I think it gained views I guess I’ll just edit it

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    • Actually more than 18k

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  • why god

    SUPASUPA8 months ago
  • Least viewed vid on his channel :(

    Ahmed AhmedAhmed Ahmed8 months ago
  • I'm only here just because this is your least viewed video.

    Cool NameCool Name8 months ago
    • Ayyyee and an easy heart from the one and only. Love ur vids!

      Cool NameCool Name8 months ago
  • ohhh how cool the animation !! What program do you use to animate?💗💖

    Violeta sokolicVioleta sokolic10 months ago
  • This is your least viewed video

    TshaSSBTshaSSB11 months ago
  • 24th

    NyanwitherNyanwitherYear ago
  • Can u do more of these PLZ

    Cercles?Cercles?3 years ago
  • oh boy think when olimar gets a look to that 100 (cap/coin)

    MicroscopicBeanieMicroscopicBeanie3 years ago
  • Seeing it through these stages, its a work of art!

    Philip J. Fry IIPhilip J. Fry II3 years ago
  • As someone taking storyboard this semester, I really enjoy seeing this

    Lykos ZeroLykos Zero3 years ago
  • do you do commissions?

    John EllisonJohn Ellison3 years ago
  • I really love your style and I really find it wonderful to see the animating process

    Gary WaltonGary Walton3 years ago
  • Haha I love these! With your vids could be more popular...

    dawreckordawreckor3 years ago
  • Incredible to see what steps you take to create such beautiful art!

    Yuubi TimbergrimYuubi Timbergrim3 years ago
  • I absolutely adore watching animatics. It's just so cool seeing each step in the animation process and what little details changed over time.

    AranOcean GamesAranOcean Games3 years ago
  • You! Shall Not! Paaaaassss!!! Until you get 100!!!!

    Ashton MorrisAshton Morris3 years ago
  • i can still hear the blue one's voice in my head when seeing it :')

    feladir123feladir1233 years ago
    • ERIN, ERIN, ERIN!!! Erin...

      PkfierPkfier2 years ago
  • I love The way the admin pikmin looks trying to convince red! XD

    JacobisranchJacobisranch3 years ago
  • Well done! Funny and cute while also being pretty badass. Seeing the sketch versions adds a little bit of character :)

    Danny PacioneDanny Pacione3 years ago
  • Not bad!

    CekromCekrom3 years ago
  • First

    Julian ZhangJulian Zhang3 years ago
    • thanks dad %^)

      Julian ZhangJulian Zhang3 years ago