[Animatic] Attack on Pikmin 1.5

Mar 30, 2015
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Here's the animatic, then a version with just the lineart (and some coloring).
The animatic took me 3 days, I finished it on March 9th, then started I working on the final version on the 11th, and finished that on the 28th! So 21 days of work! While also doing some Side Quests and Lore! I'm proud of this. But I can't burn myself out! I'm gonna be busy April so I can't devote too much time to AoP2 just yet! Also, I really enjoy making animatics, I get them done quick and get the idea across. I want to start making animatics for concepts I probably won't finish, and upload them just to get them out of my head and into the world wide web.
For those that don't know, I used a Cintiq 12wx tablet, and Adobe Flash CS5.5, with the brush smoothness set to 0. I did the finished, colored backgrounds in Manga Studio.
Final Version: usworlds.info/slow/video/j52mhaaYipaKp5k
The song in this video is E.M.A (sped up 20%) from the Attack on Titan soundtrack.

  • Are you sure this just looks like the normal one but with out that much color lol

    Adrian SowmaAdrian Sowma2 months ago
  • Underrated one

    Experimental ChannelExperimental ChannelYear ago
  • I'll never throw pikmin thro the air without thinking this again

    Tom CastleTom CastleYear ago
  • Where is 2?

    film-makergamerfilm-makergamer3 years ago
  • Good job

    MarúinMarúin4 years ago
  • Red Pikmin:Eren Yellow Pikmin:Mikasa Blue Pikmin:Armin Orange Pikmin:Levi Purple Pikmin:Erwin Pink Pikmin:Hanji White Pikmin:Jean Rock Pikmin:Reiner _______ v ones I made up Green Pikmin:Berthold (how to spell?) Black Pikmin:Annie Half of a Pikmin:Marco \)._. (/ Gold Pikmin:Mike

    Pixelgunking gaming-PGKG blogs and more!Pixelgunking gaming-PGKG blogs and more!4 years ago
    • Orange?

      Thannus: SerializedThannus: Serialized4 years ago
  • Subscribed :D

    LuckyloomaguLuckyloomagu5 years ago
  • *EXTREME ANGER THAT JEREMY DOES NOT HAVE 1MIL+ INTENSIFIES* Keep up the good work, Jeremy. You've got my Sub.

    Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!5 years ago
  • Oh I love how amazing you are at animating and thinking of these great ideas. I need to get back into the spirit of it. My brother stole my bamboo drawing pad and pencil (he's in his 30's and he's married. He is a capital Dick) so I'm basically trying to draw by hand and then scan into the computer which is... Not fun to say the least. Anyways, keep up the good work, hopefully I'll make something you'll wanna favorite.

    Franklin TurtletonFranklin Turtleton5 years ago
  • What program was this? I need to start . Animations like I NEED to.

    The Black Flames Of YamantakaThe Black Flames Of Yamantaka5 years ago
    • Dang the moneyyy

      The Black Flames Of YamantakaThe Black Flames Of Yamantaka5 years ago
    • Thanks

      The Black Flames Of YamantakaThe Black Flames Of Yamantaka5 years ago
  • Flow too slow

    Nico P.Nico P.5 years ago
  • Those facial expressions are so reminiscent of Yotam, love it.

    IAmNotExistIAmNotExist5 years ago
  • Your style has a lot of personality, specially in your later videos...I subscribed way back on the NOPUNintendo, your animations were awesome back then but, quality wise, they are nothing compared to the M&LUltimate era. I just fucking love how you developed your own style over the course of the years and now you have a completely unique one.

    JSGJSG5 years ago
  • You're my biggest inspiration and the reason I started animation in the first place. Well even though I just started this year because I finally managed to get a drawing tablet and flash so they aren't very good yet but you should post the flash file for one of your animations so we can see the frames and stuff. I've been subbed for years! Glad your back m8

    NickkNickk5 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] wow thanks for the advice! yeah I just need to find time to practice my flash skills, btw are you for or against motion tweening? I've been doing both and I dunno how I feel about it, it kinda seems like cheating. but yeah keep up the work man, if you post it, i'll watch it :)

      NickkNickk5 years ago
  • Jeremy, i'm getting my first wiacom bamboo for animating/drawing, do you have any words of wisdom for a beginner like me?

    Leocario shinyLeocario shiny5 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] thanks Jeremy, that means a lot to me

      Leocario shinyLeocario shiny5 years ago
  • Elmore EvansElmore Evans5 years ago
  • Finally your active again.

    BoshiMan95BoshiMan955 years ago
  • As someone who is just getting into animation, I really like to see these so I can kind of get an idea of what I can do with my work. What I have so far is kind of choppy, but I'm sure I can figure something out. Great work to you sir!

    OnyxsOnyxs5 years ago
  • That's so funny, though!

    2 intellectuool for school2 intellectuool for school5 years ago
  • The greatest animator by far, I love your work =D

    LexLex5 years ago
  • Love your animations

    ImaNguyenerImaNguyener5 years ago
  • Really cool!

    Apercot OrangeApercot Orange5 years ago
  • Man, it's amazing! Your animation in LORE - is my favorite! One question, What a smoothing brush you have in Flash? Thanks! p.s. and sorry from my english :D

    ФриОнизФриОниз5 years ago
  • Alright... One small thing. The part where the Pikmin points at this non-existent nose... I first thought he was pointing at his buddy who DOES have a mouth for biting.

    Gregory GonzalezGregory Gonzalez5 years ago
    • Yeah... I can see that. A straight arm would be funnier than a crossover. 'Sall good. Thanks for sharing all you do!

      Gregory GonzalezGregory Gonzalez5 years ago
  • Jeremy you suck!! ..nah im just kiddin man youre good

    BROTERS707BROTERS7075 years ago
  • I love sence were he revs himself to go into titan form and rubs his hand all over his face, it just looks so smooth

    BakonDudeBakonDude5 years ago
  • how many frames?!

    DiconDicon5 years ago
    • @Azuwrafth i *_*

      DiconDicon5 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] 1+4+4+0 are 8 - 3 Pikmin are 5; 5 - Jeremy is 3!! AoP 3 confirmed! :D (Animators are counting twice as much as normal people)

      DiconDicon5 years ago
  • Yes. I cannot wait to see this in all it's glory. You can really move in just 3 days mate =o

    Essence of ZenEssence of Zen5 years ago
  • I love how setting the smoothing to 0 is supposed to make line quality look like shit and it always look good in your animations. Tell me your secret mang.

    JinleyJinley5 years ago
  • The facial expressions are good.

    OnlyAManOnlyAMan5 years ago