[Animatic] ARMS - Helix steals Spring Man's cookies (Animatic then lineart)

Jun 25, 2017
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Quick animatic, I doodled the bit with Springman and Helix bouncing, then thought I should turn it into a silly lil animation. Just took a few hours, and a day to finish the final thing. Don't worry! I'm working on a "real" video next! Hopefully I can have it done by the end of July or sometime August!
Done in Adobe Flash CS5.5 with a Cintiq 21 UX tablet. I'm going to start ignoring comments asking what I use, look in the descriptions or on my about page or something! I've said what I use a lot :V
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  • Nice

    DiamondXDragonDiamondXDragon3 hours ago
  • when's the next real video jeremey

    JemmysponzJemmysponz2 months ago
  • eu sou seu fã eu adoro seus videos

    kirby estrelakirby estrela3 months ago
  • Helix 🧬 maybe fighter 6 in smash and he will steal everyone’s cookies 🍪

  • Perfect

    PokeMagiCraft 324PokeMagiCraft 3249 months ago
  • Spring man used *dont steal my cookie* *its super effective*

    A n D skits Un editedA n D skits Un editedYear ago
  • He must touch *water*

    Rachel AwkwardRachel AwkwardYear ago
  • If y'all we're wondering the music is the battle theme from Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga for gameboy (It was re-released on 3ds with an orchestrated OST) sped up.

    Pierson DaughertyPierson Daugherty2 years ago
  • 0:13 oof

    totia medtotia med2 years ago
  • I have no idea what's going on but I still love it

    BochiDochiBochiDochi2 years ago
  • shit goes down, shit happens.

    kurbkurb2 years ago
  • Mmmm....I love cookies I’m hungry for cookies now after I watched this.

    Combustible PearCombustible Pear2 years ago
  • Geez poor biff XD

    fpfp2 years ago
  • What is going on XD

    fpfp2 years ago
  • No le entendí :v

    ᴄᴀᴛ ʟɪɢʜᴛ 猫の光ᴄᴀᴛ ʟɪɢʜᴛ 猫の光3 years ago
  • the biff part is so cursed

    happershappers3 years ago
  • Hielix is so cute

    ExpiredpeanutbutterExpiredpeanutbutter3 years ago
  • I Really Hate Arms Tbh Sorry Its The Truth

    Weather ReportWeather Report3 years ago
  • Helix has the face of a diglet

    Zoco TubesZoco Tubes3 years ago
  • 0:25 I'd like a blue cookie. ... -i Actually ate blue popcorn once-

    Ooh FunOoh Fun3 years ago

    DrakeDrake3 years ago
  • DUDE THEY FEATURED YOUR VIDEO OF LEGEND OF ZELDA IN "legend of zelda with a side of salt" by scottfalco YOU HAVE TO CHECK THE VIDEO OUT

    Project: BoredProject: Bored3 years ago
  • are you planning on doing a Spla2n Animation? (that is, if there aren't already 10,000 of them.)

    Johnathan WintersJohnathan Winters3 years ago
  • love the artstyle, how long did it take you to get this good?

    BloxBlox3 years ago
  • I appreciate the cartoon-like terror similar to a cat that is captured in Biff's movements.

    TPLTTPLT3 years ago
  • Terminal this is your stupidest video yet...i love it

    SmashMan108SmashMan1083 years ago
  • first of all why is he trying to grab so close up leaves him wide open!!!!

    MrNinjaBananaMrNinjaBanana3 years ago
  • nice

    ProTayToe GamerProTayToe Gamer3 years ago
  • super Mario super star music *dances like it's the end of the world*

    Emily TassieEmily Tassie3 years ago
  • I really love when helix started to eat biff.

    Oscarm1258 channelOscarm1258 channel3 years ago
  • 0:32 : ) excellent...

    AshnSilvercorpAshnSilvercorp3 years ago
    • Aku enjoyed it...

      AshnSilvercorpAshnSilvercorp3 years ago
  • The animation with biff has me on the floor.

    Mlick -Mlick -3 years ago
  • The animation of Biff struggling is, like, the funniest thing to me. It's so good.

    NDSPCgamerNDSPCgamer3 years ago
  • I love this stuff, unless I am getting the wrong idea by what I am seeing here its awesome to see the steps taken to the final product. As much as I know "it's not that simple" you sometimes lose track on what it takes for the final product even if it's "quick animation"

    Cinnamon Toast KingCinnamon Toast King3 years ago
  • That paint has more graphics than Watch Dogs 1

    EndermanLegendarioEndermanLegendario3 years ago
  • Your animatics always look like the original thing but sometimes shortened and without colored.

    animalfaceanimalface3 years ago
  • Wait, that took a whole day to make ?? That's nuts !

    The Great MajoraThe Great Majora3 years ago
  • [ inserts twitch joke for likes and sempai to notice ]

    thesnivyproductions119thesnivyproductions1193 years ago
  • 240p squad where you at

    BrickSevBrickSev3 years ago
    • now that's dedicated...

      AshnSilvercorpAshnSilvercorp3 years ago
  • Cool. I like being able to see these without colors and background, really shows how much of a difference it makes.

    AndreAndre3 years ago
  • And this is how a meme is made kids

    MushMush3 years ago
  • Deliciously done!

    Pasty's BakeryPasty's Bakery3 years ago
  • chomp

    Hugh J. WangHugh J. Wang3 years ago
  • It's great to see how you make these awesome animations! :-*

    Adrian RubioAdrian Rubio3 years ago
  • Dang Springman looks pretty good with a beard

    Pikmin PandaPikmin Panda3 years ago
    • itsdomin I know it just looks like one haha

      Pikmin PandaPikmin Panda3 years ago
    • Pikmin Panda that's not a beard lmao

      nothin to see here move alongnothin to see here move along3 years ago

    ComiCoalComiCoal3 years ago
  • The music sped up is cool! I like but is this the effect of eating to many cookies, a sugar rush?

    M FortunatoM Fortunato3 years ago
  • nice!!

    OrlandoOrlando3 years ago
  • And now we see how helix pissed off spring man for 10 minutes by eating his cookies,his gun,his midget poster his Biff and his mother 3 copy

    Project: BoredProject: Bored3 years ago
  • Foist

    eggsamillioneggsamillion3 years ago
    • Love your animations man. After the Zelda one I soon came in love with your channel.

      eggsamillioneggsamillion3 years ago
  • Why is he so upset

    The SA-XThe SA-X3 years ago
  • first

    ItsJaalItsJaal3 years ago