A Very Kirbo Christmas 🎄

Dec 24, 2020
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Merry Christmas!

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Art, Animation, Backgrounds, Sound Design, Writing and Cappy voice by Jeremey Chinshue
Production Assistant, Writing - Vanessa Chinshue
Chelsea Livingstone (Colonel Cheru) as Kirbo
NiGHTS into Dreams... - Take the Snow Train (CPS-2 Remix) | CHRISTMAS REQUEST By TheLegendOfRenegade
Bomberman Max 2 - Garden Stage Remix By Jemmysponz
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  • I was too late :(

    Waylon Gamer at stuffWaylon Gamer at stuff45 minutes ago
  • Kirbo is so cute when he is not devastating the city!

    Animation kingdom PaulAnimation kingdom Paul46 minutes ago
  • *poyo*

    Elliott GillespieElliott Gillespie2 hours ago
  • Do a episode of Mario 3d world and bowsers fury plisssssssssssssssssssssssss. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    CapinferCapinfer2 hours ago
  • Poyo Poyo!

    R AzaroffR Azaroff2 hours ago
  • Not everything needs be memes :)

    Sans y sus AmigosSans y sus Amigos4 hours ago
  • K I R B O

    Sans y sus AmigosSans y sus Amigos4 hours ago
  • God Bless you Kirbo 🙏

    Carlos HernandezCarlos Hernandez4 hours ago
  • p=p=p=p=p=p=p=p=p POYA

    Gabriel Darin Doli Purba 1520046Gabriel Darin Doli Purba 15200465 hours ago
  • Wenn Weihnachten ist es bei einfach süß😄

    Mandy MausMandy Maus5 hours ago
  • It's too cute, It's... disgusting! Happy kirbo warms my heart :)

    Giulio D'agostinoGiulio D'agostino5 hours ago
  • Marx?

    Ignacio Esteban Araya IbacacheIgnacio Esteban Araya Ibacache6 hours ago
  • Very kirbo thanks

    RobotikRobotik6 hours ago
  • So nice normally kirbo destroys EVERYONE but he is being so nice

    Oliver ThompsonOliver Thompson7 hours ago
  • HES SO GOOD ;-;

    Andrex [145]Andrex [145]7 hours ago
  • this is wholesome af

    CorruptMemoryCorruptMemory8 hours ago
  • Nice video bro but when you gonna finish ocarina of Time?

    Reginald ThompsonReginald Thompson8 hours ago
  • _人人人人人人人人人人人人_ > カービィめっちゃ良い奴 <  ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

    ゆっくりスマホ部ゆっくりスマホ部8 hours ago
  • なんて優しい世界なんだ

    隼人高坂隼人高坂8 hours ago
  • Is that pee ? 0:55

    Okami KitsuneOkami Kitsune9 hours ago
  • pls one video of battle royal legendary vs mythical vs normal pkemons

    Danypro_GAMERDanypro_GAMER9 hours ago
  • Make something about among us

    Andrija StolićAndrija Stolić11 hours ago

    AdamźTMźAdamźTMź12 hours ago
  • How do you do these animations? Like how do you do them and what program do you use? I wanna learn to do animations and I love your style. :)

    Babooshka 1020Babooshka 102013 hours ago

    Carlos TorresCarlos Torres13 hours ago
  • Im kinda surprised that Kirbo is sending a letter to Marx (at 0:40) I wonder what letter he wrote down to him

    PaulTigerPaulTiger13 hours ago
  • You should do something about Bugsnax!

    Eagle PhillipsEagle Phillips14 hours ago
  • I absolutely live for christian kirbo.

    Judah OsborneJudah Osborne14 hours ago
  • 좋운 크리스마스

    김수영김수영14 hours ago
  • P O Y O ! Me: (•_•)

    UrpiainenTheUrpoilijaUrpiainenTheUrpoilija14 hours ago
  • Poyo!

    Ryan CainRyan Cain15 hours ago
  • 0:46 TURBO MAN???

    oi me name's Rickoi me name's Rick16 hours ago

    Dora the Explorer DoraaaDora the Explorer Doraaa17 hours ago
  • Animation batle royale pokemo ultra beast

    rashid boliorashid bolio17 hours ago
  • Next

    rashid boliorashid bolio17 hours ago
  • I'm an atheist, and despite the obvious religious references, I found this video lovely! :D so wholesome, Nice work!

    Wood ManWood Man17 hours ago
  • does you think kirbo created everything but who created kirbo himself?!

    dan pandadan panda18 hours ago
  • I love how he brought Luigi and Simon

    Samantha WilliamsSamantha Williams18 hours ago
  • Poyo

    Mats Gamer.Mats Gamer.19 hours ago
  • What a wholesome Christian Kirbo

    Gordon LaiGordon Lai19 hours ago
  • Isn't kirbo just the cutest

    bob awesomebob awesome19 hours ago
  • When is chrimo, kirbo’s christian power increases by 10000000000

    President Karen • 20 years agoPresident Karen • 20 years ago20 hours ago
  • Make more

    Axel MartinAxel Martin20 hours ago
  • Koryift

    Paulina Lopez AvanPaulina Lopez Avan21 hour ago
  • This was so oddly wholesome... I know it's late, but thank you.

    HIDDENKING808HIDDENKING80821 hour ago
  • Poyo!

    DTC FoortrixDTC Foortrix21 hour ago
  • This is so wholesome and i love it!!!!

    king conking con21 hour ago
  • Merry kirbmas

    Martin ĎuríkMartin Ďurík21 hour ago
  • This is the way brother

  • Kirby is legit just a biblically accurate angel. - Incomprehensibly powerful - Strikes fear into the hearts of friend and foe alike - Somehow is also a sweet, innocent puffball of pure goodness, dedicated to making the universe a better place

    Chas LarcombChas Larcomb22 hours ago
  • POYO

    pibe de dei 1pibe de dei 123 hours ago
    • My first heart LMAO

      pibe de dei 1pibe de dei 118 hours ago
  • This video is illegal it’s wayyyyy too cute

    DogDog23 hours ago
  • Something about Among us????

    IdK_BoI8IdK_BoI823 hours ago

    Christian RissottoChristian RissottoDay ago
  • Wholesome!

    Laurens ZwölferLaurens ZwölferDay ago
  • I've expected chaos...

    ChillManLuv89ChillManLuv89Day ago
  • Very cuteeeeeeeee mean

    jogador pro de robloxjogador pro de robloxDay ago
  • Popo yo popo yo pooyoyoyoyoyoyo

    Wyvern CastilloWyvern CastilloDay ago
  • Amen little kirbo

    Orange JordanOrange JordanDay ago
  • so wholesome

    Elliot KindzElliot KindzDay ago
  • It’s so cute!

    micah sagonmicah sagonDay ago
  • POYO!

    Arthürø #_#Arthürø #_#Day ago
  • terminal we want something about hollow knight

    Henrique de SalesHenrique de SalesDay ago
  • do among us plz

    Dekker GordonDekker GordonDay ago
    • Hey! Say that to his face!

      Eman LucaEman Luca10 hours ago
  • The bit at the end :D The whole vid, really lol :D

    KaydieBuggKaydieBuggDay ago
  • Wall chicken

    shaiql qastalainshaiql qastalainDay ago
  • Were is zelda ocirina of time part 2

    Sahib SinghSahib SinghDay ago
  • Kirbo is wholesome.

    Tariq RaymanTariq RaymanDay ago
  • A merry poyo Christmas!

    Matt sucksMatt sucksDay ago
  • I'm not gonna lie, Kinda almost cried at the level of wholesomeness.

    Logical GamingLogical GamingDay ago
  • That was amazing

    FoxyfanAli YTFoxyfanAli YTDay ago
  • Im back :) ... Nice

    BIRD UP! MazuelaBIRD UP! MazuelaDay ago
  • merry late christmas kirbo

  • Nawwww kirbo is so sweet

    Basti BeestBasti BeestDay ago
  • This is actually something I want to make into a tradition

    superCamborgsuperCamborgDay ago
  • Too christain for me :(

    Zodi - HackZodi - HackDay ago
  • honestly great to see a non mash potato brain

    put putput putDay ago
  • Shovel knight?

    SermnikSermnikDay ago

    Riccardo Italo ScanoRiccardo Italo ScanoDay ago
  • This is probably the most heartwarming part i have ever seen in terminalmontage history 1:15

    Amazing-FearedGamerAmazing-FearedGamerDay ago

    MAstaCheezMAstaCheezDay ago
  • amen kirbo I am Christian

    Florencia idalgo SantiagoFlorencia idalgo SantiagoDay ago
  • Wether it's Christmas or not, this is too wholesome to not watch

    DewottGamer 32DewottGamer 32Day ago
    • Agreed

      superCamborgsuperCamborgDay ago
  • If Kirbo doesn’t already have a backstory I swear on god I’ll make one myself

    daft_FANdaft_FANDay ago
  • Do sonic generations

    Kyran EasterKyran EasterDay ago
  • Can you make something about shovel Knight

    Dat BoiDat BoiDay ago
  • I like it how, kirby doesn't advertise merch. And let's us enjoy the Christian experience

    camcamDay ago
  • Kirbo

    Debra FalascoDebra FalascoDay ago
  • He Will Live Forever Right Right.....

    Griffin DeVriesGriffin DeVriesDay ago
  • Algo sobre Zelda Ocarina of Time - PARTE 2?

    PeloTocinoteFelizPeloTocinoteFelizDay ago
  • kirbmas

    Griffin DeVriesGriffin DeVriesDay ago
  • Awww so cute

    ąlphâ gåmêr 360ąlphâ gåmêr 360Day ago
  • Caramba sensacional nesse vídeo, parabéns cara que demais

    Pedro MarquesPedro MarquesDay ago
  • Bro I swear if you don't make one more video I'm gonna make dislikes to all your videos

    Argelis AcevedoArgelis AcevedoDay ago
  • When I do the water temple and I'm swimming I use my shield on a tektite to go flying across the temple. It works better on N64 than 3ds.

    • So I was thinking pepto bismol could do that to glitch in the boss door? Please

  • How cool would it be if Kirbo turned out to be a turbo Stryper fan?

    S PS PDay ago
  • hooray for kirbo and friends

    cheddarcheddarDay ago
  • Made the mistake of showing this to my niece. For the past week shes wanted me to show her the "pink christmas cartoon again." when I visit my brother. lol

    C TC TDay ago
  • Your merch link is broken just so you know

    smorinatorsmorinatorDay ago
    • Thank you, I fixed it!

      TerminalMontageTerminalMontageDay ago
  • Subspace is canceled Jeremy lied to us!

    Joel ClementsJoel ClementsDay ago